Picture of Weather Strip a window on the cheap!

In this instructable I will show you my way of weather stripping a window for little or NO MONEY! well maybe 5 cents.
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Step 1: Step one.

Picture of Step one.

First the story:

When I arrived in my new abode, I found that the sliding glass aluminum framed windows leaked air severely. When the wind would blow the air would howl through the cracks and they would rattle and keep me from sleeping. As the winter season came along, the room got progressively colder. The vertical blinds were little if anything more than cheap decoration.

I called the apartments complex and they sent a guy up with some 1/4 inch foam insulation. I watched him install it and laughed thinking nope this wont cut it. The window still leaked air and rattled horribly.

I tried to think of ways to solve this problem on my own since I wasnt getting much assistance with it from the building owner.
I knew I could not make permanent changes or risk violating my lease. so here was the solution!


I took 4 plastic shopping bags. (any brand will do) the best ones seem to be the cheaper food bags. the more durable once in larger sizes are less flexible. YOU WANT FLEXIBLE HERE!

Gather shopping bags, a pair of sissor or a knife << be careful with that!
A roll of scotch tape, and a smooth surface to use at least 1.5 x 1.5 feet square.

Sorry these pictures were taken with my phone, they are not the highest quality but I think you will get the ideas I present.

Step 2: Step 2

Picture of Step 2

Taking the sissors and a bag, make a small cut in the bottom of the bag anywhere is fine. we are not looking for air or water tight in the bag.