Picture of Weather station Arduino and Processing
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Build a mobile or home weather station and graph the data in real time on your computer. The graph maps out wind speed, pressure, temperature, and wind direction for 10 minutes then saves the image as a jpeg and starts over.

Step 1: Anemometer build

Picture of Anemometer build
The anemometer I built was built with materials I had on hand. I based the build around a DC motor I had that spins freely with little effort. the diagram list the parts I used.
Having a picture of the data is a great idea, otherwise it's a lot of data to store somewhere.
MonteH (author) 1 year ago
My original plan was to use a compass module. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/7915. This runs $35 and I was not willing to pay that so I made a continuous pot with a graphite based semiconductor and copper wipers. I built the pot on top of a hard drive motor. The wipers created drag and greatly decreased sensitivity.
ursm1 year ago
hi MonteH
during reading I've expected that the wind vane was impossible to work with a potentiometer.
the vane must be able to turn freely around 360°.
for that the transmition of the position should be optically or by magnets.
have a look at http://www.google.ch/imgres?imgurl=http://ginad.org.uk/weathergd/images/00-vane-angles-optical-11-02-07-sml.png&imgrefurl=http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/161623-arduino-based-weather-station/&h=771&w=771&sz=190&tbnid=LzHDpgB00Hs9mM:&tbnh=84&tbnw=84&zoom=1&usg=__zfGV6bUICXhqeW5sQauRhw2FzrE=&docid=2Y73kq1jLyytUM&sa=X&ei=qecoUoXxGaGG4ASVp4C4Bw&ved=0CE8Q9QEwAg&dur=6854
regards, urs