Picture of Weathered Wood Bangles

I love the look of aged wood that's been painted hundreds of times and this wax resist technique captures the look perfectly. Great technique for furniture, too.

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Step 1: Watch the video tutorial here

Step 2: You'll need

Picture of You'll need

Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paints

Wood Bangles (www.diybangles.com)

Sanding block or sandpaper


Step 3:

Picture of

Paint your accessories with a base color and let dry.

Rub with wax. Don't cover the entire piece with wax, just here and there and along the edges.

Step 4:

Picture of

Paint your top coat of paint and let dry.

Step 5:

Picture of

Sand your pieces to expose the paint underneath.

Add more wax and more paint for more layers of color.

woodNfish5 months ago

What is the wax for?

ghetas7 months ago

you are the best...

Oh I love this! It reminds me of those colorful painted boats you always see in pictures of exotic islands I'll never go to, haha.

That's what I was going for! I love that look!