Weathered Wood Spirits





Introduction: Weathered Wood Spirits

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These are some wood spirits that I carved about 5 years ago. They were carved free hand, no patterns. They've been hard at work ever since protecting us from the evil creatures of the woods.  They had a coat or two of linseed oil when I first made them, but they've not been treated since. It makes them look a bit spookier now they're weathered, especially with the 'shrooms all over them.



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    That first one, with the wood-ear (I think!) growing out of his eye, is awesomely disturbing. I think the young'uns would label this as "Mad Skillz." :-)

    If you like the weathered look, two or three handfulls of ferrous sulfate in five gallons of water, sloppily brushed or sprayed on will give most woods the weathered silver color in a few days. It also provides some rot-resistance; you probably won't get the mushrooms, though. Ferrous sulfate is commonly and easily available at most ag supply houses ($10-12 for 50#). I've used it on whole houses, to instantly age (and protect) the wood siding, and to disguise new cuts on old, salvaged timbers.

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    Thank you, that's very useful I will try it when I next carve one of these!

    This is very cool! Did you use hand tools or something else to make them. Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!

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    Thanks! I carved them only with hand tools.

    Very nicely done. I know what a pain it is to carve wood with hand tools. I wanted to bash my head in when I made a bowl once that way in cherrywood. My bowl did not end up as deep as I wanted it, but more importantly I gained a huge respect for those hand carving anything in wood!

    These are so cool!!

    :D ooh wow! I love these! They are very woodsy!

    Nicely done!

    I love the second photo!

    Are they trees / stumps you carved in place, or did you carve them and then place them?

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    Thanks Kiteman, they were trimmings from a huge old tree. I carved them and put them in place.