Winterizing a Shed Office





Introduction: Winterizing a Shed Office

With winter approaching, we decided to make our new shed winterized so we can use it as an office.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

The shed was basic studs and siding, so we plan to add hard foam insulation and and a plastic seal inside.

We bought the following materials:

- 1 inch foam insulation from the home store in 4' x 8' sheets.

- 100 feet of white tablecloth plastic (since white sheet plastic is hard to find/expensive)

Step 2: Add Foam Panels

We measured between all the studs and cut the foam panels to fit snug.

Pro tip: score the panels with a utility knife then bend and break off for a clean cut.

(Also displayed is our sweet adaptable standing/sitting desk ... but that's not winterizing.)

Step 3: Install Plastic Sheeting

We measured off the plastic tablecloth to fit the space. It took 2 layers to cover the walls,so we put the bottom layer on first so the top overlaps. We used a staplegun to attach to the wall. It's not an airtight seal, but handles drafts well.

Step 4: Project Complete

With the foam panels installed and the plastic sheeting/tablecloths installed, bring on winter!

Step 5: Finishing Touches

A couple more items that make things more comfortable:

- Small space heater

- Foam floor pad to keep those feet nice and toasty (with leftover solid foam).



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What kind of siding material did you use outside? Looks great ! You have my vote.

Thanks very much. The siding is tan primed fiberboard panels. The siding looked pretty nice the way it came, so I decided not to paint it for now at least.

Thanks! Being fiber board panels, what R value do they have?

Thanks again and have Good night.


Nice work! I need to build a small shed just like that. Was that from a plan, or did you just make it up?

Thanks for the kind words. I didn't find any existing plans that matched what I needed, because space was limited under my deck. So I copied from a variety of "lean to" shed designs.