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weave a string or yarn or thread or rope table is a art.This art was very popular in 1800s in USA .In the India ,some villages are still used woven rope bed called charpoy. This is very unic art and give you a traditionally design look.The bed frame traditionally was made of wood and it has four legs. The part of the bed you sleep on is made of rope that is woven.Modern day Charpoy are made of many different types natural and synthetic materials.

Step 1: Materials

  • shuttles 2 ( I take wooden but you can free to use anything)
  • jute strings 2 (apx. 4 mtrs)
  • wooden table (I purchase from readymade furniture shop )

(4×4 Post, 8 feet long 1 – 1×4, 8 feet long 2 – 2×4, stud length or 8 feet long)

Step 2: First Weave Warp

First we need to weave warp. so take to shuttles wind string around it .

Now try to tie clove hitch in the corner very tight and wrap around 5 times (from the beginning and every 5 times wrap around for spacers as shown in image.

keep a stick between strings for space,It adds slacks to warp.

repeat it till procedure is done and don't forget to wind 5 times warp last turns for spacers.

Step 3: Weave Weft

First you need to separates warp's even no. groups (goes up) with sticks.as shown in images. repeat it back side also .

Again wrap 5 times and sixth around for spacer.

Now take warp;s odd no. and separates with stick.see you will get odd-even cross lines.

again wrap around 5 times and repeat this procedure till its complete.

Tie final string with the help of needle.

This seat has 17 rows and 17 columns .



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    Oh^^ thank you so much^^ i will find any diameter of jute string for made that chair^^

    I love to see that chair.

    1.5mm? Ermm.. That string will withstand our weight when we sit on top? Or it will be strong when using a bigger diameter like 2.5mm-3mm?

    you can use all dia. because after weave it will be strong itself.

    What is the diameter of the jute string?

    I think its 1.5mm

    What is the diameter of jute string use?

    When working with jute like this the product is often fuzzy at the finish. I noticed you trimming the fuzz with scissors in the second video. Back in my macrame days, we would just burn the fuzz off with a lighter. The flame will quickly travel across the surface but not burn the tight portions of cord. It greatly improves the definition of the finished piece. Just watch out for any exposed frayed ends to be sure they're not left smoldering after the quick flash burn.

    yeah. Thank you for advised. Will sure try next time.

    Look for Woodprix plans if you want to make it eeeeaaasssssyyyyyy