Every drummer is forced to change out their drum heads at some point, even if they don't want to. If you need help with replacing and tuning your new drumheads, check out my instructable HERE. When drumheads are changed out, thousand of them are thrown out across the world every year. Drumheads can have many uses even after they have been beaten to death.

This particular idea is a great way to re-use your old drumheads and make something cool and useful out of them. With a few minutes of cutting and following a simple pattern, you can weave a basket from a couple of old drum heads that can hold your sticks, accessories, serve as a trash can, tip jar or just about anything else you can think of.

I came up with this idea while writing a separate instructable, but felt that this concept could stand on its own as an independent 'ible. For a ton of other useful ideas of what can be done with used heads, check out another of my instructables HERE.

Step 1: Gather the Heads

You will need at least two drumheads to make this - the bigger the better. Kick drum heads work the best here, especially if you want to build a bigger basket. Two-ply heads are preferred, simply because they are heavier, thicker, and will make a sturdier basket. The choice between coated and clear heads is a purely aesthetic one, so think about how it might look and make your decision.
cool idea, im gonna try this out later

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