This bathroom storage hamper and litter box is made almost entirely from reclaimed materials. The main frame is made from salvaged pine which used to live as wall paneling in a church on Cape Cod. The weaved panels are created from PVC sheet packing material that was pulled from the trash at a lumber yard and is formed to the weaved pattern. Legs are from mahogany deck balusters that were salved from the trash.

The side sections are for storage (cat litter, laundry detergent) and the center is a litter box. All compartments are accessible both through the top and through the front.

Step 1: Cutting Down Materials

I start by cutting the pine paneling down to length for all of the pieces of the face frames and the doors.

These piece are then all cut down to the final width - all of the pieces are 2" wide except for the top and bottom of the cabinet panels are 3" wide.

<p>Love it! You gave me an idea for the thin PVC sheeting I salvaged from the trash :-)</p>
<p>Jackman Works, I love watching your videos. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration. I've also became a fan of your YouTube channel. And because of this latest one, I am now also a fan of Sam Brockington.</p><p>Now to many of the rest of you who commented. Why can't you focus on his art instead of infatuating on his grammar? Go back to kindergarten and learn the basic rules in life, starting with: &quot;If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all&quot;. </p><p>MIKE DROP!!!!!!<br></p><p>Also: GO CUSE!!!!!</p>
<p>I really liked the music that plays with the video. Who is the band?</p>
<p>■ Music by Sam Brockington: https://soundcloud.com/sam-brockington/sea-anemone</p>
While I don't care if you say weaved or woven, this isn't an essay or college application, I don't understand what you mean by hamper. Not a clothes hamper too, right?
<p>It's just a storage area that looks like a basket, so I call it a hamper :)</p>
<p>The word is 'woven' NOT weaved! There is no such word!!!</p>
<p>Weaved is a word, it's the verb form of weave.</p>
<p>Weaved is not a word when related to fabric. Here's a good example sentence for &quot;weaved&quot;: &quot;The drunk driver weaved in and out of his lane.&quot;</p>
<p>I know...</p><p>You're missing the point.</p>
<p>But, how about this one:</p><p>&quot;The expensive silk scarf weaved gently through the pillars as though guided by hand.&quot;</p><p>(see what I did there? :)</p>
<p>Yeah, but not in this context. I'm a reluctant English police guy. Hate it, but when it's wrong (as in the case of 'weaved' cloth,) it's wrong.</p>
<p>Didn't say anything about context, just that it's a word.</p><p>Missing the point...</p>
<p>I have a BA in English, therefore I concur with JackmanWorks, &quot;weaved&quot; is in fact a word. </p>
<p>a woven object is weaved by a weaver.</p><p>when I first read the description I thought you were going to use that plastic strapping/banding that is used in shipping material not sure if it is PVC or not . I have admired it and wished I could think of something to do with it but that stuff you found is great and it took some work to get it into that final shape.</p><p>I hate seeing stuff end up in a land fill!</p><p>I admire your shop nice work on both</p><p>uncle frogy</p>
<p>Incorrect grammar, but who cares? Another great instructible Paul, I definitely want to make one like this.</p>
<p>WOW! Awesome project! Weaved, woven, who cares. You do great work!</p>
Good project! Only one problem, 'weaved' is not a word. It is 'woven.'
<p>That's beautiful but I don't have a cat so the litter box part would be a waste for me. So I'd have to make another door and turn that into another storage section. Maybe a shelf in that section and leave off the door even. Great idea! </p>
<p>Nice work. I would have never guessed the plastic woven material was salvaged upcycle stock. You raise the bar when it comes to reclaiming materials. Voted!</p>
<p>Awesome to hear!! Thanks Dan.</p>
You have some really nice shop furniture, especially for the miter and work table. Would like to see an instructable on how you go about designing stuff.
<p>I'll at least have an Instructable for the miter saw station</p>
The grayed out picture really makes the hamper pop! Awesome project!
<p>It's a pain to do, but totally worth the effort :)</p>

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