This bathroom storage hamper and litter box is made almost entirely from reclaimed materials. The main frame is made from salvaged pine which used to live as wall paneling in a church on Cape Cod. The weaved panels are created from PVC sheet packing material that was pulled from the trash at a lumber yard and is formed to the weaved pattern. Legs are from mahogany deck balusters that were salved from the trash.

The side sections are for storage (cat litter, laundry detergent) and the center is a litter box. All compartments are accessible both through the top and through the front.

Step 1: Cutting Down Materials

I start by cutting the pine paneling down to length for all of the pieces of the face frames and the doors.

These piece are then all cut down to the final width - all of the pieces are 2" wide except for the top and bottom of the cabinet panels are 3" wide.

<p>That's beautiful but I don't have a cat so the litter box part would be a waste for me. So I'd have to make another door and turn that into another storage section. Maybe a shelf in that section and leave off the door even. Great idea! </p>
<p>Nice work. I would have never guessed the plastic woven material was salvaged upcycle stock. You raise the bar when it comes to reclaiming materials. Voted!</p>
<p>Awesome to hear!! Thanks Dan.</p>
You have some really nice shop furniture, especially for the miter and work table. Would like to see an instructable on how you go about designing stuff.
<p>I'll at least have an Instructable for the miter saw station</p>
The grayed out picture really makes the hamper pop! Awesome project!
<p>It's a pain to do, but totally worth the effort :)</p>

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