This instructable has three purposes in mind - one to aid someone who is familiar in basic knitting techniques- such as finger knitting and knot weaving.

The 2nd purpose producing a useful peace of cord for a necklace, pendant, friendship band or bespoke shoelaces

The third therapy - if you are stressed or feeling less than useful - help yourself snap out of it and use your energy more constructively...:.

- Also this is a craft that does not discriminate - yes it's for men too!!! So here's to a great instructable for everyone.

Step 1: Things You May Need

Well I used A A3 Sketch Pad - A sturdy piece of card or wood will be fine.

A Clothes Peg or drawing pins

5+ different colours of embroidery thread


Patience, Time, Music or Tranquil Surroundings

When you have all of these elements you can start.

The width of the final weave is dependent on how many pieces of Thread you start with. I started with 5 and it's roughlty 6mm in width - if you require more width calculate from this.

To start take a little of each thread out of its bundle but keep the paper retaining rings on each one. Pull out 10" on each - then tie all together with one knot.

Take this knot and place either a pin or clothes peg on the Card, wood or book to help you keep it steady as you weave. I used a sketch book as it's heavy enough and it sits on my knee without falling off.
<p>I have watched my students do this but they did it so fast I could not follow. Thanks for slowing it down for me.</p>
Yes it can be done amazingly fast once you get a rhythm .......

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