Picture of Weaving a Yarn Basket
This is a fun easy craft to make a basket for any storage or organization idea. it does take some time to complete. (a few hours)

***It's Perfect for long car rides, a lazy sunday or a fun craft to teach your children.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1.Any color roll of yarn (I always find yarn at the thrift store)
2. Cotton Clothesline from dollar store $2 for 100ft
3. Scissor
4. A large needle-I use a plastic needle.

Step 2: Step One - Cutting Yarn

Picture of Step One - Cutting Yarn
Next, I cut a piece of yarn that is 2 arms length. This will be enough to start the base.

Too much yarn and it will tangle and knot on you as you weave the cord.

Step 3: Step Two-Starting the basket base

Picture of Step Two-Starting  the basket base
1. In the first picture I am lining up the yarn to the cord. I hold the tip of the yarn with my left hand and wrap the rest of the yarn around the cord.
2. I wrap about an inch of yarn on the cord.
3. I start to bend the end in, to curl it.
4. In the last picture I am securing the cord together.

Step 4: Step Three-Attaching the Cord

Picture of Step Three-Attaching the Cord
1. String needle to other end of yarn.
2. In my left hand I hold the cord that is wrapped in a coil.
3. I take the needle from the bottom in between the 2 cords
4. Pull needle thru and continue wrapping around cord.
5. I wrap the yarn around the cord 7 times then I use the needle and secure the cord... etc...
** Wrapping number depends on you and what style you like. Sometimes I wrap 10 then secure.
6. Picture 6 Shows my completed base.
*** size depends on what you like. I am making a small basket to hold small items.
indywave1 year ago
Where else can I get cotton clothes line? Having trouble finding it. :(
The Rustic Barn Owl (author)  indywave1 year ago

Sorry to hear that, I usually get mine at Dollar General in the cleaning supply section.

tscott251 year ago
This is Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :-) Looks challenging though. Just hoping that I can do IT. lol
The Rustic Barn Owl (author)  tscott251 year ago
Haha you will be fine!! It is time consuming tho ;)
So cool

Thank you! I love that the possibilities are endless. You can make them short, tall, large or small. I have added handles to them too.

The Rustic Barn Owl (author) 1 year ago
Once you get the rhythm of wrapping and securing it's easy. ;)
Spazer101 year ago
Sounds pretty dufficult
The Rustic Barn Owl (author) 1 year ago

Thank you! when I taught first grade I showed the class how to make these. They really enjoyed working on them after they finished their class work.