Weaving a Yarn Basket





Introduction: Weaving a Yarn Basket

This is a fun easy craft to make a basket for any storage or organization idea. it does take some time to complete. (a few hours)

***It's Perfect for long car rides, a lazy sunday or a fun craft to teach your children.

Step 1: Materials

1.Any color roll of yarn (I always find yarn at the thrift store)
2. Cotton Clothesline from dollar store $2 for 100ft
3. Scissor
4. A large needle-I use a plastic needle.

Step 2: Step One - Cutting Yarn

Next, I cut a piece of yarn that is 2 arms length. This will be enough to start the base.

Too much yarn and it will tangle and knot on you as you weave the cord.

Step 3: Step Two-Starting the Basket Base

1. In the first picture I am lining up the yarn to the cord. I hold the tip of the yarn with my left hand and wrap the rest of the yarn around the cord.
2. I wrap about an inch of yarn on the cord.
3. I start to bend the end in, to curl it.
4. In the last picture I am securing the cord together.

Step 4: Step Three-Attaching the Cord

1. String needle to other end of yarn.
2. In my left hand I hold the cord that is wrapped in a coil.
3. I take the needle from the bottom in between the 2 cords
4. Pull needle thru and continue wrapping around cord.
5. I wrap the yarn around the cord 7 times then I use the needle and secure the cord... etc...
** Wrapping number depends on you and what style you like. Sometimes I wrap 10 then secure.
6. Picture 6 Shows my completed base.
*** size depends on what you like. I am making a small basket to hold small items.

Step 5: Step Four- Starting the Sides

1. Picture one shows my base. I decided that my base was the size I wanted so I am starting the sides.
2. wrap as before but when you are ready to secure the cord you will place cord on top of base and secure.
3. picture 5 shows how I secured it.
4. repeat. ...wrap and secure.
5. Picture 6 shows a side view of the basket and picture 7 shows the basket half way thru.

Step 6: Step Five- Finishing Basket

1. Once I decided how tall I want my basket I finish it off by cutting the clothesline.
2. Continue wrapping as normal.
3. At the top I wrap it less. I wrap the yarn 5 times then secure the cords. This makes the basket top tight.

Step 7: Finished Basket

Once the basket is complete I can place my items inside.

Step 8: Fall Project



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    use a fabric strip or plastic rope from the dollar store

    This reminds me, I started one of these before the Christmas rush. I need to find and finish it lol

    I learned how to make these in 6th grade and have been making them ever since! For those looking for clothesline, cloth jump rope works great! It's thicker too so your basket will get taller faster with less layers.

    Where else can I get cotton clothes line? Having trouble finding it. :(

    Sorry to hear that, I usually get mine at Dollar General in the cleaning supply section.

    This is Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :-) Looks challenging though. Just hoping that I can do IT. lol

    Haha you will be fine!! It is time consuming tho ;)

    Thank you! I love that the possibilities are endless. You can make them short, tall, large or small. I have added handles to them too.

    Once you get the rhythm of wrapping and securing it's easy. ;)

    Sounds pretty dufficult