Weaving with conductive thread to create electronic cloth.

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UPDATE -  My article on How to Weave the Starlight Table Runner is published in Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Handwoven Magazine.
online download from Handwoven website
How to Video on my website.

Step 1:

This is for the weavers, yet may give non-weavers some ideas!

Warp your loom....or find a weaver friend that will weave this for you.
Wind a bobbin with a fiber to suit your design.
Place bobbin in a shuttle.
My example show the shuttle in my right hand, but it can be from either side.
I am so glad to find your site. Do you give workshops?<br>Where are you located?<br>Toni L
My workshops are listed on my website:<br>http://www.lbruning.com/classes/<br><br>Location: Interstitial Spaces
This gives me ideas about my lazer tag plan I'm working on.
Nice! I'm anxious to see your project, please send me a link when you post.

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