Step 6: Program Board/Write PHP

Picture of Program Board/Write PHP
I've included source code for the Arduino and the Server.

first open the PHP file and make the following changes:
set $path to the location of Sender.exe
set $port to the COM port the arduino is using

save the PHP file to the htdocs folder in your XAMPP directory as index.php

load the Arduino IDE and open the Arduino file. Press the reset button on the Arduino. Then, quickly press the transfer button in the IDE. Once the file has transferred, you're done.
kaby5 years ago
can you tell me what part of the xampp server your using cause i can only get ftp and apache working
gschoppe (author)  kaby5 years ago
Apache+php (which is what xampp contains) is all you need.
kaby5 years ago
I really wanna do this project but I got 2 questions...... What is the php code and what code do I have to upload to my arduino......thanx
gschoppe (author)  kaby5 years ago
the php code, along with the exe file and the ocx file, reside on the computer the arduino is connected to... they take care of turning web requests into serial communication to the arduino... the arduino code (the.pde file) is what goes on the arduino to read the serial transmissions from the computer and operate the relay accordingly... all the files are in the zip file attached to the first step (the arduino code is in the arduino subfolder)
kaby gschoppe5 years ago
Wow......thank u so much........you cleared up everything so fast, keep up the good work!!!!