Step 12: Anchor Linking in HTML

Have you seen those cool websites which have an index linking to different parts of their page? like Wikipedia?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML (Look at the contents part)

To make those, we use the anchor tags and link 2 anchor tags together,
These tags are also used in the body part of the document...

<a name="Step 5">Step 5</a>
<a href="#
Step 5">Jump to step 5</a>

The first tag tells that the text Step 5 is anchored to the document with the name of "Step 5"
The second tag is the link tag which makes the text "Jump to step 5" a link that links to the Step 5 anchor we made before...

Using this tag is an absolute necessary for websites which state lots of information like Wikipedia :)
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<p>Ensure you use Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox if you would like to find the &quot;Inspect Element&quot; tool, which allows you to highlight specific parts of the HTML and see which part of the website they correspond to.</p>

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