Step 22: CSS ID and CLASS Rules

Lets say you want to make a box on the right of your page where you can insert text...then you would need to make your own tag and define it via CSS in order for it to do so....

We use ID and CLASS selectors to get the job done for us...

We use them like this :

HTML file

This content goes into the box on the right hand side of the page </p>

CSS file

border: 2px solid black;

To style div id's that you make, you <span style= “background-color: #FFFF00″>use the "#" sign</span> in the CSS file...
To style div classes that you make, you <span style= “background-color: #FFFF00″>use a "." (period)</span> in the CSS file

IDs are used when you are making it like a whole different tag like in the example above, but CLASSES are used when you want to style things inside another tag, like


<p> This <div class="MYFIRSTDIVCLASS"> text </div> is styled by div class...</p>

CSS file


So classes are used when you have the specific div class inside another HTML tag (Excluding HTML, Body and Head tags)
Pre-defined elements like (h2, p, h1, br, em, i, b etc...) are edited using the div class function because they are repeated a lot of times in the document, and therefore it has to be a class div...
Div IDs are used when you are going to use the styles element only once in the HTML document...

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I have two questions<br/>1.Did you use notepad? <br/>2.How did you view your text on a page without the code?<br/>I'm new to HTML and CSS<br/>Thank you for everything!
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HTML is use for designing purpose, and JavaScript is use for doing validations as well as to perform some action.
lol, that is exactly what johnmacd said....
HTML is use for designing purpose, and JavaScript is use for doing validations as well as to perform some action.
hi vishalapr im new in html <br> i have 2 questions. <br>1.how can i find my html on the web? <br>2.how can i make its name like =name.html <br>nice instructables
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Not meant to offend but maybe you could use a doctype? <br>Doctypes are a form of metatags that tell your browser which version HTML you wrote in your webpage. There are subtle differences for each version so it matters quite a lot which one you use. <br> <br>You can find all the info on w3schools, <br>btw, you can also apply a HTML5 doctype to #1 of your html page to make the page HTML5 instead of 4.01
Yeah doctypes are quite useful and should be added, and yes W3Schools is an awesome website, I did learn a lot for that website.
Thanks a Bunch. I have started my own site www.Nove-Noga.com based on my study of w3schools available info. You managed to clearly present much of their content in a very clear, concise format. REALLY appreciated your discussion of IDs and CLASSes. Please forgive my site. I only started using the style sheet a couple of days ago. <br>Thanks, Nove-Noga
That's a nice website you have got there :) <br>Glad I was able to help,
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html 5?

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