Use a Polar heart rate sensor, a cheap hardware board connected via USB and a little bit of software to put your heart rate on the Web. The live data is served right from your computer and made accessible via the Yaler relay (disclosure: I'm a founder of Yaler). Once you turn off the local service, the data is no longer public - own your data!

That said, the purpose of this project is of course to share your heart rate. My heart rate URL for example is http://tamberg-polar.try.yaler.io/ (Note: you'll get a "504 Gateway Timeout" error or an empty page if my heart is not online.)

What you need:

- T31 coded Polar transmitter (http://www.polar.fi/en/products/accessories/T31_coded_transmitter )
- Polar HRMI board from SparkFun (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8661 )
- Mini USB cable (e.g. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/598 )
- Windows computer (.NET, not sure Mono works) connected to the Internet

So let's get started...

(Note: This project has been waiting in my Instructables drafts folder since March 2011. The setup was extended using a BlueSmirf Bluetooth module to increase range during the legendary 24 hour Pachube IoT Hackathon in April 2011, but I fear I'll never manage to document that part. So, here's the basic desktop version at least.)

Step 1: Putting on the Sensor

To test the Polar heart rate sensor, you got to put it on. Moisten the contact area (see image) and strap the sensor around your chest.

<p>Hey Tamberg, thanks for the cool instruction!</p><p>I have all of the required hard ware except a windows computer. Is there a way to do that on OsX?</p><p>Thanks, Samuel</p>
Hi Samuel, you can probably use a terminal and the screen command to talk to the sensor breakout. And the .NET Code might run in Mono (no guarantees, though). Kind regards, Thomas

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