Step 8: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
Servo motor:
The servo has two sides! Choose the right one. You will see with testing that it returns to its base position starting up. This movement should not make a hole in the nice head of the bride! (Eventually you can fix the limits of the movement in the script.)

Better to test the performance before glueing all together!
If the servomotor, and later on the whole butterfly clasps it wings regularly, and also when the light is changed, (flashing can do the job too) than all is right.

Glueing it together and giving it a paint.
When you are satisfied testing, than carefully adjust the wires, so that no wires stick out, and they are as short as possible. Choose the positions for the LED and the LDR on the hairpin, depending on its shape and length. Glue everything on the hairpin.
Where to put the battery? My idea was at the back of the dress, but my bride said NO! In my hair somewhere!!!
So I have chosen the smallest possible batteries to be fitted in some curl of her hair…

The butterfly wedding will be at the end of august!
cutshopguy4 years ago
Pretty cool.
I'd like to have a go at building this, but with zero background in electronic engineering a lot of the wiring instructions for the ATTINY and so on are gobbledegook. How about a nice, easy-to-follow line diagram and circuit?
I'm sure the lovely bride will look amazing!
Not sure I'd categorize hiding fake bugs in the bride's hair as an "enhancement". Certainly better than real bugs, but still pretty gross.

To each his (or her) own...