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When my cousin was getting married, he asked me to make him a wedding cake. I agreed but after experimenting with fondant and trying to make wedding type cakes, I realized that it was not such a good idea. Since i've never made wedding cakes before, I was scared that something would go wrong. So my mom asked a family friend that happens to be a professional at cake decorating to help me. I learned so much and the cake we made together looked great.

Something that surprise me, is that she does not use fondant at all on most of her cakes. Fondant seems to be too much of a hassle. She uses this vanilla ready-to-whip icing that you can buy at Cash & Carry. The texture of the icing is similar to buttercream but a bit more fluffy. After covering the cake with this icing, she takes a long spatula, dips it in water and then uses it to straighten the frosting. It ends up looking great! That is the main tip i learned from her.

Another thing that I learned is that she almost always uses columns to make the tiered cakes. That is the most stable way to hold the cake. It does leave a space between the cakes, so you will need to fill it in. We put fresh pink roses there. It made the cake look even taller, and its more stable.

So as you can see the cake we made was a four tier cake with different flavors, including fruit, snickers, and others which i cannot remember (those were my favorites). We put a thick dark red ribbon and a thinner pink ribbon above it, and a classical bride and groom topper. I think the cake looked beautiful, and I was amazed at how simple it was to make. For me, the difficulty level of the cake was similar to the difficulty level of some of the birthday cakes I've made that were detailed and time consuming.


KittyKat04 (author)2015-09-29

One word: AMAZING!!!!! it's so pretty and romantic........ And I love it!!! Got my favorite

ivandra (author)2012-07-11

Hi Lemom! Congratulations on your amazing job! This cake is so well made for a first time, impressive!
Do you mind sharing the way you you constructed it? I have been looking for a tutorial on this time of stand for a long time with no success...

Thank you so much in advance and once again, congratulation! Your cousin must have been so happy with it!



xxxxlemonxxxx (author)ivandra2012-07-11

Well I used columns to keep the cake up and in the spaces between cakes I put roses. On the cake itself I attatched two ribbons towards the bottom. For frosting I used this icing that u can get in cash and carry called vanilla whipping icing or something like that. It works so well I don't even need fondant.

scraplette (author)2012-02-14

How many people does a cake this size serve?

bananso (author)scraplette2012-02-15

hi scraplette. I didn't write the article but check out this serving chart, it tells you how many people your cake could serve depending on the pan sizes.

bananso (author)2012-02-15

this is fantastic!

CatTrampoline (author)2011-07-22

Nice job! I did a wedding cake for a friend about 15 years ago. The cake was beautiful (it was my 2nd one), but I stumbled and almost dropped it carrying it down the stairs. Talk about a heart attack! There's definitely more pressure when you are doing the cake for someone else instead of your own wedding.

PACW (author)2011-07-14

So glad that this was a first 'Wedding Cake' and not a 'First Wedding' cake!

CatTrampoline (author)PACW2011-07-22

That was my thought as well!

xxxxlemonxxxx (author)PACW2011-07-14

Hahaha me too! lol I didn't even think it sounded like that till now :/ i'll have to change it!

mary candy (author)2011-06-22

drop the pics ;)
by the way the cake looks nice.

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