Step 5: Fold The Napkin

Fold the napkin almost in half leaving a small ruffled border.
Fold again as shown.
And again.
Fold the top point down towards the back to make a nice slim waist-line.
It might take you a few times to find the perfect fold. It does take practice.


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Voting is over but thanks anyway! Thanks for sharing your comment. Have a great day!<br>Sunshiine
Voted. I like originality and this is it!
Thanks for voting! I like it the best also but that is just me.
I'm voting for yours!
I voted for yours as well. I really want to make one! Thanks! Your entry certainly is amazing. I appreciate your vote and comment. I have a pretty kewl one in the making! It has been soooooooooooo fun.
Ah, yes. These instructables are addicting, aren't they?
Very. I actually dream all night long every single night about what all I can make. This has never happened to me before. I just enjoy it so much it is almost an obsession. I was telling my hubby about your recent entry. So pretty!
Thanks for the compliment. And may you have ever more energy to keep up with all the ideas that come.
I like the ideea!! :D Great job:)
Thanks for taking the time to see my page! Have a super day!
What a clever idea! These would also be pretty at a shower luncheon!
Thanks! And thank you also for commenting!
These would also make nice embellishments for a bridal gift.

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