Wedding Hearts With Names





Introduction: Wedding Hearts With Names

I crocheted this using Lion Brand Pound of Love using a size J afghan hook with the afghan and popcorn stitches. I entered this pattern onto an electronic spreadsheet with just the hearts for a template pattern. Then I create a separate spreadsheet to enter the names. Since the popcorn stitch is on the back side, the pattern must be crocheted from RIGHT to LEFT. If you wish to read the pattern from left to right, enter the names backwards on the pattern. This can also be crocheted without the names, and the names can be cross stitched on after it is crocheted.



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Nice! It looks very cool, and I love how you added in the words, that must be hard to do! I am taking sewing at school, and I am doing easy stuff with the yarn and the plastic squares and stuff.. this is way cooler/ difficult!

Very good! Looks like a lot of hard work. In the future, maybe the hearts or names would look good in a light pink also with the background white?


This was made for a couple getting married, but I also thought of cross stitching the name(s) or date and inside the hearts with a color especially if this was made for a baby afghan. Thank you for your comment.