Introduction: Wedding Invitations

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We wanted a special invitation for our wedding, something that haven't been seen before.

a unique invitation with our touch and of course hand made!

today, 2 years after the wedding our friends still have the magnet hanged at home...

Step 1: Materials & Tools

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- Red wax for glue gun

- Red Thread

- Magnet with sticker

- small size rings

- A3 rough paper


- Hot glue gun

- Utility knife

- Iron ruler

- Cutting board

- Scissors

Step 2: Design

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We thought of what would be our the concept, it needed to be something new that haven't been seen, that would caught your eyes, that is practical and easy to understand.

i think this was the hardest and longest step on the way.

we designed our wedding logo and finally we came up with this solution, which is small in size and concludes all the details.

we draw the design on A3 papar, and sent it to printing...

Step 3: Craft

Picture of Craft

The fun part...

first step of the assembly was to cut all the printed design.

second part was to punch a hole in the upper right corner and for each invitation put a ring to attach the pages,

to the ring we tied a red thread that had a magnet at the end.

Step 4: The Envelope

Picture of The Envelope

The design step was tough,

we thought of all the pages and all the details we wanted to include in the invitation, we calculated the size of the invitation.

but for the unusual invitation we had to came up with an envelope, so we got back to the sketching board and designed the Envelope.

finally we sealed it with hot red wax.

Step 5: Done!

Picture of Done!

All done, now we just need to send it to our guests.

(reaction were a very satisfactory to all the effort we put into it...)


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