For our wedding, we combined the program and the favor into a cardboard folder case containing a mix CD that we created for our guests. Another idea would be to create a special movie, slideshow or film clip collection and burn a custom DVD.

Needed for this project:
Cardboard CD cases
Inkjet Sticker paper
CD Labels
Cardstock or heavy paper
Blank CDs
Photo Tape or Rubber cement
Paper cutter/trimmer
Publishing software (such as Adobe InDesign or MS Word)

Step 1: Prep

We also made our own invitations. We used the design elements/typefaces in those to put together the components of the CD program.

There are three main components that need to be set up:
  1. The disc case art/contents label
  2. The program to be attached to the case
  3. The CD/DVD and label

Step 2: The Case

For the cases we chose white cardboard sleeves.

Case art is all printed on sticker paper. For the exterior art we did a narrow decorative strip - this allowed us to print multiples on one sheet and save a bit on paper. Two music listing panels could fit on one sheet.

After printing, peel and stick to the cases.

Step 3: The Program

The program is a double-sided b/w print on inexpensive white card stock. After being trimmed and folded, the programs are glued into the sleeve with photo tape or rubber cement.

Step 4: The CD or DVD

Create a music playlist or movie and burn your CD or DVD. Set up your label design and print; attach the labels.

Step 5: The Finished Product

Distribute to guests before the ceremony! And, congratulations.
Do you worry about copyright infringement on the songs you distributed?
We only distributed about 40 copies of this so, no.

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