Introduction: Wedding Style - Floral Bun

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Floral bun style for weddings, or any other special event!

Step 1: Materials

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❧ Brush

❧ Clips

❧ Comb(s)

❧ Hair ties

❧ Small rubber bands

❧ Pin curl clips (or small clips with a tapered end)

❧ Bobby pins

❧ Hairspray

❧ Optional: decorations for hair (i.e. twist-in gems, flowers, decorative pins, etc.)

Step 2: Partings & Ponytail

Picture of Partings & Ponytail

❧ Part the hair into 4 sections

❧ Section by section, part out the perimeter of the hair (approximately 1 inch from the hairline)

❧ Clip the perimeter pieces out of the way

❧ Take out the four sections and smooth the hair into a ponytail, keeping the perimeter separate

Step 3: Perimeter Curls & Ponytail Parts

Picture of Perimeter Curls & Ponytail Parts

❧ Curl the hair in the perimeter, pinning each curl in place while it cools

❧ Take a center piece from the ponytail, clipping away the hair around it

❧ Rubber band the center piece

Step 4: Floral Bun

Picture of Floral Bun

❧ Take the center piece of the ponytail and create a rope braid

❧ Twist the braid into a bun shape, pinning it in place as you go

❧ Separate the rest of the ponytail hair into 3-4 sections

❧ Braid each section and "pancake" one side of each braid ("pancaking" refers to fanning out pieces of a braid), rubber banding the ends

❧ Wrap each braid individually around the rope braid bun, pinning in place as you go

❧ Make sure all ends are tucked in

Step 5: Curls

Picture of Curls

❧ Take the perimeter curls out one by one, combing them smooth

❧ Smooth them towards the bun, pinning them beneath the "petals" (these can be placed anywhere around the bun; I chose to put them all on one side for an asymmetrical look)

❧ Take your pin curl clips and gently pin the ends of the curls out, hairspraying them lightly

❧ Do this for every curl

Step 6: Finish!

Picture of Finish!

❧ Once all of the curls have been pinned & hairsprayed, carefully remove the clips and position your curly ends where you want them

❧ Hairspray them again & hairspray the rest of the style, smoothing any flyaways

❧ Optional: Add hair decorations where you see fit

❧ Finished!


LukeOBirn (author)2016-09-11

Wow, this is very beautiful! But I probably myself won't be able to do so)

HarleyQueenn (author)LukeOBirn2016-09-11

It's actually very easy ! It's just looks complicated haha

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-09-10

This looks really good. Good luck in the hair style contest.

Thanks !!

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