Step 5: Putting Together the Bouquet!

So, now that the flowers are all ready you can start piecing together your bouquet. There are two ways of doing this: either from the center out, building as you go - or, making several small "picks" and then putting these together towards the end. In either case, make sure that the tops of your flowers are all at around the same level - this will be important to create a nice "œdomed" look.

As you go, use tape to put the pieces together. I used a lot of wire during the trial (yellow flowers), and it was hard to manage (and the ends were pokey!). Definitely went with tape in the official bouquet (pink flowers). You can use wire to strengthen the stems as you go.

The lovely thing about either tape or wire is that you can UNDO your work - which is going to happen (keep reading!).

If you want to add some sparkle to your bouquet - thread some fancy beads onto the florist wire and add these as you're assembling the bouquet. If you're planning to "tuck" keepsakes into your flowers, do so now too; it'll be too hard to poke them into the bouquet after it's done.

Stems will be sticking out all over the place but you'll cut these down at the end (don't cut them too early because you never know what you'll want to change). The ends will look kind of splayed apart, but that's alright - they'll get tightened up once you trim the stems and wrap ribbon around the handle.

Your bouquets look very well done. I will sometimes try to grow the types of flowers I plan to use if the climate permits it. That way I'm (almost) guaranteed to have what I need and save money in the process. I also find caring for the flowers to be very relaxing.<br><br>- <a href="http://www.canadawideflowers.ca">canadawideflowers.ca</a> <br>
I helped my step-daughter make her bouquet, crosages and boutonniers the day before her recent out-of town wedding. The methods you described were very similar to what we did - and we saved major dollars. All of the flowers were painstakingly selected by her to match the color theme of the wedding (burnt orange and gold for an amazing Indian wedding). However, we made the mistake of trusting the hotel that we stayed in to keep the flowers safe in their walk-in food cooler. Just 90 minutes before the wedding began we discovered that the bride's bouquet had been frozen solid. Fortunately, her two gay "uncles" (using an iPhone) were able to locate the only florist in town still open that weekend. They drove at breakneck speed to arrive just before the shop closed. In mere minutes they all crafted a reasonable floral facsimile and then spent a half hour sweating bullets while stuck in a bumper-to-bumper interstate traffic jam. The uncles arrived with bouquet in hand with just minutes to spare. Moral of the story: "Be careful how and where you store your floral creations!" BTW, great Instructable....
I like the pink one. Well done
Wow, what great pictures. May I suggest adding a materials/supplies and tools step, I think this would help your instructable. Where was this for the flower contest?? It would have been a great entry.

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