Introduction: Wedding Signage

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In this instructable I will show you how to cheaply make attractive signage for your wedding.

Step 1: Materials Used

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Sign Surface: Particle board or sheet metal, you can also use the back of picture frames.

Sign Frame: You can use frames from thift store, or dollar store or what I used is trim from a hardware store. It is lightweight wood and about ½ inch thick.

Paints : Blackboard / Challboard paint (there is an instructable on how to make your own )

Paints for trim that match your wedding ( I actually got paint from my county recycling center}

Basic Craft Materials:
Scissors, Tape, Adhesives E600 is what I use, hot glue
Wire, spray adhesive, thread and needle

RIbbon , trim etc

Step 2: Cut and Measure Materials

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Gather Materials and Measure the length and widths of signs to be used. Take an exacto or sharp scissors and cut trim materials such as any fabrics to appropriate measurements. The above picture is a shot of the trim I used

Step 3: Paint and Prepare Surfaces

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Paint the surface you intend to write on with chalkboard paint. A few light layers is better than 1 thick one. This will also minimize the paint wanting to drip.

At this time you may also paint any trim, or framing materials with your wedding colors.

Step 4: Secure Frame to Board

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When dry glue trim and frame to sign surface. It does help if you slightly sand surface first.

Add embellishments to trim and sign and add hanging method such as ribbon in the back.

Step 5: Embellish and Finish

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Glue any embellishments and add ribbon to frame, DONE


What a great idea! And this is something you could keep and use after the wedding!

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