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Introduction: Wedding Welcome Banner

one important concept in creating the banners are its contents and how is it related to the occasion. this wedding was held at a clubhouse pool side. I have used Photoshop for this one. and the most important is to meet customers wants and make sure your design doesn't get out of its topic. a shop offered to do their design was horrible so I volunteered to create this one for them. this one that i made is for the sister of my girlfriend's wedding. the size of this banner is 3 X 5 feet on a tarp.

this project was made with different layers: the blurred background, the multi layered big picture of the couple with radial blur with the back layer, the text fonts were downloaded and the floral brushes for the text back ground are also downloaded. and the small pictures were added as by request of the couple. blurring the back ground emphasized their picture and fonts. make sure that you have a 72 resolution for the banner as required by printing services.

I have asked for pre nuptial pictures but the couple preferred their casual dresses to be placed on the banner.



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