The image of wedge and feathers is taken from the internet. The dimensions of the original tool are different.The tool is for a hole with diameter 22mm.

Step 1: Wedge

For the wedge I used a piece of steel, 1,5 cm thick. Then I cut a piece 20 cm in length

Step 2: Dimensions of the Wedge

The biggest part of the wedge is 24mm and the smallest is 7mm. Mark the wedge with a pencil and cut it.

Step 3: Cutting the Wedge

Cut the wedge with an angle grinder

Step 4: Final Piece of Wedge

Picture of the final piece of wedge. The final piece of the wedge should be like this

Step 5: Feathers

For the feathers I used construction steel bars 19 cm in length. Cut 2 of these.

Step 6: Dimensions of the Feathers

The diameter of the two feathers should be 22mm. To achieve this, it's better to cut the steel bars with an angle.

Step 7: The Final Piece

The final piece should be like this. Cut other 2 or 3 to break the rock easily.

Step 8: The Results

<p>What did you use to cut the metal? A torch, a saw?</p><p>How well would you say it worked? How well did the wedge and feathers hold up?</p><p>How long did it take to make them?</p>
<p>I used an angle<em> grinder for the cut. To keep them up, simply i </em>filled the hole with soil.</p>

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