'Wedgewood' Cupcakes





Introduction: 'Wedgewood' Cupcakes

I made these for a Mencap charity cake sale at work. I was inspired by the Royal Wedding as Wedgewood pottery is the Queens choice for china!

For the basic vanilla sponge cupcakes, I use the following recipe as it is so easy to scale up depending on how many you want.
The basic recipe is:
1 egg
2oz Self Raising Flour
2oz Caster Sugar
2oz Butter
Few drops of vanilla essence

So... to scale up you just use double the oz to eggs, i.e. to make 24 I would use 3 eggs and then 6oz of everything else and so on. I use the same recipe for most of my cakes and just add different flavours to it.

The top is made using ivory coloured fondant icing and royal icing stencils. Roll out some findant icing then place the stencil on top, rub the stensil lightly helping secure it to the fondant. Using a spatula spread the coloured royal icing sparingly on top, Carefully remove the stecil, then using round cookie cutters cut the fondant and place onto your cupcake using a little buttercream to secure it.

This is where i buy my stencils from.




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    Have you watched Sherlock ?

    These are beautiful!

    Hiya, I have finally got round to updating my pic. I have put the link for where I buy my stencils. Enjoy x x

    I'm guessing one of these cookie stencils http://www.culinarystencils.com/product/CS003W on top of fondant. Very pretty!

    I was in a bit of a rush when I posted the picture. But yes I used a stencil. There are loads of different designs to try. I simply spread coloured royal icing onto fondant. Takes a few attempts to get them lookin tidy but then it is quite quick.
    thanks for the comments.x