Step 2: Make the Gnome Hat

I thought a tall, cone-shaped hat would be most striking, but you can get fancy and sew in a curved tip that would be more Eastern-European reminiscent.

I bought a bright red shirt and started by cutting off the sleeve.
This is great. I was looking for a tutorial for a gnome hat for my toddler's Halloween costume, and yours was unbelieveably easy.
Fantastic! The hat can be reused for many occasions (we've found)! Even hubby has worn it, lol!
 You should dress your kid up like this and travel the world. 
Right on!!!! :0)!!
<p>LOL, love it! Vote for me! :)</p>
Your supply list neglected to mention the key element &ndash; one really adorable kid. Oh, but it looks like you already had one of those on hand! Great idea, and nice set of instructions!
I&nbsp;was this for Halloween and everyone liked it!
I'm glad! Please remember me when voting for the Halloween contest starts! :)
This is one cute costume and one cute kid. His aunt is going to dress up like the Travelocity gnome in CA.<br /> <br /> Recyclegrandma
That is an awesome costume! The eyebrows on the cap and the tool holster are brilliant touches. Great job!
That's adorable.<br />
This is so cute!<br /> When I have kids I'm going to dress them up as gnomes every halloween until they can choose their own costumes :)&nbsp;
Wonderful!!!&nbsp; Is your little Gnome related to The very cool&nbsp;&quot;Travelocity Gnome&quot;?
'Dorable!<br /> I've added it to the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Halloween-Costumes/">Easy Halloween Costumes Guide!</a><br />
This is precious!<br /> <br /> I kinda want to get one of my friends to do this. I&nbsp;mean, he's 30 and all, but whatever. It'll be just as awesome! :D<br />
Very nice, a living garden gnome! I love the idea.<br /> <br /> Now, what to choose, a fishing pole or a war axe? :)

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