Playing shooters with the Wii is an enormous fun but all the guns I could find were so bad; using the Wii Zapper you need to use a different trigger finger using just the normal Wiimote-mounted pistols is still bad, because using the A-button is complicated...The solution was using an old air-soft MP5 and get a Wiimote in there. Because the first attempt was really a prototype an a friend of me asked me to if I could build him one as well I decided to comment the building to upload it here. It took me about three days to build it and it was a "learning by doing process".

Things you need (if you don't have'm at home) are:
-A MP5 (for this project I bought one if these toyguns on the Internet. They look like a MP5 and when you push the trigger they make and sound and there is an LED lightning inside the muzzle.

-A Wiimote

-Cables, connectors, buttons (I needed 5 of them because the MP5 came with a triggerbutton and two buttons for the foregripp flashlight), soldering-iron and tools like caliper, screwdriver.

-Some plastic plates (I bought them in a local DIY-store)

This is what I did with the MP5 I found. If you have a diffrent one it could be possible that you need to make diffrent modifications.
I also want to apologize if my english is too bad, but I life in germany and I'm not a native english speaker! ;-)

Step 1: Taking Appart the Wiimote and the MP5

If you are have a triwing screwdriver use it if not do it the way I did:
get a drill and drill them down until you can open the Wiimote. I'm going to say this only once:
The Wiimote is a sensitive device. Don't hit the board with the drill and be keep in mind that the screws are going to get hot, so that the plastic may melt, which will make things more complicated.
After opening put all the parts falling apart in a zip-bag, we will need them later.

Same with the MP5: unscrew all screws. I made a little sketch which shows where which screw is because they all had different lengths. There was also a ring on the muzzle I had to cut away and the flashlight, because it was glued. Looks like the boys over there in china wanted to make sure that nobody is copying there stuff. =) Remove all the electric stuff in there but be careful with the trigger unit. I used it instead of constructing a new button there.

What I think would be really cool, is putting some of the wiimote controls into a the nunchuk or similar off hand device, and putting the main buttons and motion sensors into an EBB pistol, in effect, creating a lightgun somewhat like the Time Crisis games.<br /> <br /> I'd say the trigger would be the B button, and the &quot;safety&quot;&nbsp;trigger the A button. You could probably stick the motion sensor into a laser sight, too.<br />
What if a someone put a wiimote inside a tube that looks like a silencer, with the b button wired to a pressure sensor that can pick up when the airsoft gun it is attached to is fired, that way, you could use any airsoft gun without any modification.<br />
the silencer idea is brillant! more shooter game on ps4 and xbox though... nextgen!
can I ask a few questions <br>Does the sight work? <br>And is possible to make a nunchuck holder? <br>Thanks :-)
man! but you don't construction because you broke a air gun and do what ever!! what did you wont it's will be?!?!...
Its a cheap $5 flea market gun.
its not an air gun.... just a cheap plastic toy one from a dollar store or something
nice instructable but wouldnt it of been way easier to just tape a wii remote to the side
&nbsp;but this looks way cooler
Sure it would have been easier but also much more ugly and surely more improvable. <br /> Check out www.weeguns.com. The shop yet only is in german, but feel free to send me mails with questions =) (all manuals are allready translated and hopefuly the shopsoftware too!&nbsp;:D )<br />
Nice job! :) Might have to try this with one of my broken airsoft M16's ;)
i was thinking exactly the same thing just went to get my airsoft mp5 out and saw it just laying there.... we have to make them all and have an epic ghost squad tournament lol
*Really Deep Voice* GHOST SQUAD *Normal Voice* Wish I could get even a toy MP5 in Australia - they are ludicrously strict on anything that looks like a gun (EXCEPTION: NERF. I walked down the street with a painted black nerf gun with no orange tip, cops drove past, looked, didn't care. Weird.) Nice 'ible, though. Love to do this, but see above.
Ive noticed that alot of things i like are illegal banned or frowned upon im aus lol, Is it true that www.4chan.org is blocked? If you can get that far try to navigate to the random board, pretty sure thats banned lol - dont know what i wud do with my spare time if i couldnt play with guns, swords or lurk on 4chan WARNING - 4CHAN IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED - THERES A REASON FOR IT BEING BANNED IN SOME PLACES!!!
That is totally amazing. It's the first mod I've seen where someone put their Wiimote parts inside a gun. You should post it on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.wiiarmory.webs.com">WiiArmory</a>! It would be perfect to use with The Conduit, as the MP5 is one of the main guns.<br/>
warranty?? pshaw. I laugh in its direction as I destroy the remote...MUAHAHAHAHA
HAHA! so tru! I've gone thru several controllers over the years with various projects. Cool mod.
Ok. So I got distracted with a bunch of work, but I am back to building my gun. I have a problem. The B Button on the bottom has 4 plates, I soldered 2 to one wire - and the other two to one wire, but the button is showing always put down. What do you think the problem is? Could you please send a picture of what that looks like? thanks so much
This is awesome. I've been working on a similar project, but with the Nyko wii zapper. can i reference some of your findings? did you look into posiply communicating to the wiimote external as a peripheral (like w/ an Arduino microcontroller)? very cool instructable
how much?
well i would assume the price of the wiimote, the toy gun and the wires (if you don't have them lying around would come to a little less than a hundred dollars
i meant to buy from the creator
AAAh well that all depends on the current supply and demand then you factor in basic meteoroligical stuff and that could take hours to figure out.
ever thought of setting up a new business selling these things ? i have a wii and wouls love 1 ,good work by the way
uhh doese the bolt move and also does the mag come out
how do u add the b button like how to solder to it
where did u get the mp5
I bought it on a german online auction site like ebay. TjT commented that "if you go to kapowwe.com they have an entire broken guns section. check that out. also, airsplat.com hosts some guns that are cheap, but if you just want a quick mod, go to speedytoys.com and look under their discount/budget airsoft. Just a few ideas..."
also does the bolt move and does the mag come out
umm im in canada so is it airsoft
I think I would have tried to engineer a way of mounting a Wiimote in the foregrip of the MP5 rather than cutting it up and gluing it in different places. You could figure out a way to interface the buttons of the gun using the port on the bottom of the remote. I guess I'm just reluctant to dissect my Wiimote...
One way that would have been a bit cleaner (although you would still have to dissect the wii remote) would be to simply take the parts from the inside of the wii remote and mount them to your own (darker-coloured) buttons. Lengthen some wires here, solder some more there, and you have an even more professional look.
hey mate did you think about puting some insulation over that capacitor? from what i see thats where your hand goes and i could give you quite a zap. good work anyhow. send this instructable to nintendo and tell them to suck d***
I don't think I have ever viewed an instructable involving electronics where someone didn't add their 2 cents in on some supposed safety issue.<br/><br/>Honestly, if you look closely and you know anything about electronics at all, no matter what happens you will not get &quot;quite a zap&quot; from this design.<br/><br/>No offense meant to you because you are *probably* being helpful, but there is no need to scare anyone about this, it is quite safe.<br/>
I thought about it but man, you would need either the smallest fingers in the world or wishy-washy skin to get in contact with them =)<br/>
Something that would be cool to add is something that will vibrate the back end to make a recoil effect.
You might be able to use a transistor to fire a weighted solenoid when the trigger is pressed for the recoil. It might steal voltage from the wiimote though, but you could always do a totally separate system using two buttons. Let me know if you try it out.
I will tell you when I try it out! =)<br/>
I already thought about it but there are a few problems with it, one is that the recoil effect should somehow by synchronized with the game, so that when you reload in the game there should only be a &quot;click&quot; feeling in the weep5 and I think I'm not able to get this technique in the mp5 body =) <br/>
I wish i had a wii now
u should have spray painted or air brushed the white areas from thw wii remote
does it still make gun noises when you fire it? lol that would make it even more cool! p.s. 5 stars
no, it does not. I needed the place which the original sound making board took for the buttons but I think it's possible to somehow keep that "feature". Gonna add it in the next version I think!
I thought the glare off the picture frame was electricity+zapper=taser... Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!<br/>
I could frag with that...
This is great ! i saw it on Geekology
Hey THeOReos my wife now wants me to make this for her LOL. Hey I do have a suggestion, would you think the directional pad would wok better on a foregrip with the pad facing the player?
The problem is that using the mp5 you handle the Wiimote with two hands, which is normally only one. I thought about using a foregrip for the nunchuck, but then you are going to have a problem with the button there...maybe with the next one I'll put the 1 and 2 button on die right hand side, next to the trigger so you could use them witch your triggerfinger. =) Sooo many ways to it :D<br/>

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