These little guys gives you a great place to put those sweet little weeds your child gives you.

I saw these at a few craft shows. They are basically miniature vases. Instead of being hollowed out, they are simply drilled.
Simple to make, these are great gifts. And great for getting rid of those cut-offs you have been hanging on to.
I made three this afternoon. one walnut, one ash and one chestnut.

Step 1: Prepare and Mount the Blank to Your Lathe

First, find your block of scrap/cut-off that is suitable for the size of weed pot you are going for. These can be as tiny as a shot glass, or as large as a beer bottle I suppose.
In this particular case, I had a piece of fallen Ash tree I was hanging onto for some time now. It dried nicely and didn't really split anywhere. Using my band-saw I cut a couple flats on it that were somewhat parallel to one-another. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just get it as close as you can. The two flats are going to take the drive spur and live center and I will form a tenon for the chuck to clamp onto. At the same time, I will rough it to round and decide which end to be the base of the weed pot.

Once you have a good tenon formed and rough rounded, you can remove the drive spur and attach it to your chuck. I still slide the tail-stock up to give it more support during the shaping procedure.
<p>which wood is which??? I like them all</p>
oops, looks like they beat me to it...
Wow... Your stuff are amazing!
Thanks shazni. so is yours! <br>
Wow!!! Wish I would have seen your Instructables sooner - I love them all. This one especially. Love how these turned out. Wish I had the tools and equipment (and skills :) to do this!
Thank you for the great compliments!
:) yep! I have people on the look-out at some local craft stores.
100 - 50mm x 13mm glass test tubes listed on eBay for &pound;14 all in, also available in many other useful sizes or pack sizes.
I to wish I had the tools to play with, the pots are really cute but I take afront with the name, after all, what is a weed ? A rose in the middle of a corn field would be but a weed while a dandelion in a 2 year olds hand is the most precious gift imaginable <br>
I really wish I had the ability to do all of this! All of your woodworking is just so amazing! These vases are adorable!
Thanks again. I appreciate your nice compliments! but really? ability? I have seen your Instructables. You have the &quot;ability&quot;! LOL
Tools then? I don't have the tools to do it :)
okay, maybe not the tools. but you would be surprised at what you could get to start with. :)
Thanks... I didnt make that though! lol <br>
Sorry haha the pots are awesome too.
LOL Thanks... I do love my camera though! <br>
I would change the name so to mistaken meaning. Lol
Yeah, I can see where some people would question the name. But they are traditionally called &quot;Weed Pots&quot; so, the name sticks lol.
Pretty little vases.

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