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Introduction: Weed Wacker ReWrap

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Our neighborhood has all these funny restrictions like:
  1. grass CANNOT hang over the curb
  2. weeds CANNOT be allowed to take over your flower beds
  3. lawns SHALL be mowed frequently
  4. grass SHALL not be TOO TALL.

And when these horrible sins are witnessed by the neighborhood nosey patrol more than once, you get a nasty letter:

One of my sins I confess is that I let the grass (umm weeds) hang over the curb too often. I have an electric weed wacker (still on the grid, but at least it's electric) that I use to clean off the hairy curb. But until recently, cleaning off the raggedly curb meant either cough up the $$ for a pre-wound spool of weed wacker line, or refill it myself and have the doggone thing jam up every five feet. I've been choosing to rewind it myself and endure the snarled up line problem because I'm way beyond cheap. Stingy might be a better adjective.

That snarly line thing apparently happens to other folks too. I kept thinking there has to be an easier solution that didn't involve paying more money. So I put my thinking cap on, looked at instructables for advice and I was completely surprised no one has ever written any instructables about this particular hassle.

Until now.

Step 1: Why the Bother?

Why bother to rewrap the spool? Here's the evidence:

A prewound spool of 20 feet is: $ 6.79 at Lowes (closest hardware store),$ .34 per foot
A packet of the 40 feet of the stuff to rewind yourself is: $3.25  $.08 per foot
And a packet of 275 feet (almost 14 times as much) is $7.97 $.03 per foot
Now I didn't add in the gas money to go to the store, but you figure this out...

And a spool of 20 feet will get me around my fairly small property one time, maybe two times if I'm lucky. (I confess again that besides the hairy curbs I use the weed wacker to get back behind where the lawnmower won't fit and edge the flower beds). I don't like nasty letters.

Step 2: Ingredients

Spool from weed wacker
New line to refill (.065 inch diameter)

Step 3: Refilling the Spool

There are no directions on how to rewind line, other than an arrow pointing the direction to rewind line and some vague references about threading through eyelet and putting the top back on. Some spools don't even have words, just arrows.

The problem with rewinding the line is how to get it started so it stays on the spool and is fairly tight.

I've tried many permentations, but finally got success with this method.

Cut off a fairly long piece of trimmer line (10-15 feet). I've never managed to get 20 feet on the spool and don't expect to ever get that much on by hand wrapping.

Look closely for a little bitty hole in your spool.Look inside and on the bottom, I promise it won't be obvious.

Stick the line in the hole a little bit (about an inch) and then gently wrap it around one time watching to see if you're winding in the direction of your arrow for your machine. Then slightly tug back to get some tension and start neatly wrapping the line.

Wrap the line next to itself, trying not to overly twist the line as you wrap. You want the line to FLOW off the spool without kinks or twists which will jam the line.

When you finish one row, start wrapping over top of the line, again trying to be neat, but you won't ever achieve the complete zen beauty of that prewound spool. Just do the best you can and remember how much money you're saving.

Leave a tail of about 4-6 inches to start you off trimming. I have a little notch that you put the line in so that it doesn't unspin all of the line. Lucky me! Tuck the line in the notch and rethread into the eyelet of your machine. Close up the spool properly on your machine and give a gentle tug for the line to release from the notch. Power up and blitz away!

Success is when you find yourself wacking without stopping every 5 feet and the only thing that stops you is when you run out of line!

Step 4: Fix It Yourself

My instructable has to do with my particular weed wacker. I'm sure yours is different. But, if you look at your spool while it is still full you usually can figure out where to start your line. I've included a picture of a spool that I purchased for another weed wacker that bit the dust sometime ago and you can see this one has a hole that you thread through on the bottom.

I'm not sure I would've ever figured out how to rewind this one (hence the prewound spool purchase) but now that I know the secret, I think I would be able to rewind properly and save that money for something more useful.

Final thoughts: (I'm copying sunshiine as this is such a nice thing to do)  I  appreciate instructables for all the wonderful solutions to otherwise baffling little and big problems that one encounters in life. Thanks so much! I also appreciate instructables for allowing me to write these instructables, therefore getting my sweet husband off the hook from having to listen to me tell him what wonderful solution I've discovered!!



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    Would it be crazy to use a steel cable instead of this plastic trimmer line? Just thinking it might last longer, and also where does the line go when it runs out? Into tiny pieces in your lawn?

    I have the same weed wacker and have had great success wrapping myself. I found the tighter you wrap the wire the better off you are. Don't wrap it slobby or you will have bad results. Any of you can do this instructible. I promise you that.

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    Also, if you have the same weed wacker. Don't forget to service that thing a couple times a year. It is built to take it apart and clean it out. You will be amazed how dirty the inside gets. Can be a little tricky putting it back together so really pay attention on how it came apart.

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    but having a spell check would be REALLY nice

    I browse with FireFox, and it has a ditionary add-on that spell-checks everything you type online.

    Brilliant... and funny, too! ;-D

    Thank you! And thanks for following too!

    Thank you!! I'm blushing with pride after having received comments from the great scoochmaroo!

    wish I knew how Kiteman makes those subscript comments...

    It's magic

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    All of which aside, I actually came to praise your project, and let you know that several of the folk at HQ have referred to it as being "what this site is all about".


    writing small with pro is much easier than knowing how to do the other way...

    I'm so overwhelmed I cannot do any kind of making editing stuff. Because the great Kiteman and Scoochmaroo commented on me in one day.

    Oh my goodness! I planted them one year and they were so amazing! Did not have a camera then to take pictures. They were huge. One grew outside my kitchen window and the bathroom window. I enjoyed them so much. I saved the seeds and the following year they were deformed. I planted them this year and many did not do well. I have maybe 2 that are very big out of an entire seed package. I was disappointed. The truth is I guess it has been too hot here. Yesterday they were drooping and looked wilted. I am giving them enough water but my tomatoes and cucumbers are not doing well either. I think it is the heat. Last year all summer my tomatoes did not produce fruit. Then about the middle of august we started getting a lot of fruit. Had green tomatoes but did not get very many red ones sadly!

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    The deformed flowers mean what you planted (seed) was possibly a hybrid. With the hybrid you will get your big beautiful sunflower. But the seeds mutate. So your big sunflower this year will maybe result in a wimpy flower next year.

    Yes, I did not know hybrids did that until that year. I try not to buy them at least for the garden stuff but I could not resist the sunflowers!

    where are the pointy< pointy alligator things>?

    But I can grow milkweed which is what my monarch caterpillar is climbing on. I can send you seeds. It isn't a pretty plant, but it will attract those butterflys.

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    Ah thanks! We have a lot of that growing here. I appreciate the thoughtfulness though! I love that picture though. My sister loves butterflies! I finally got a butter fly bush started! Took me 3 years to figure out how to do it. I assume they attract butterflies?