Weed Whacker Bike!!





Introduction: Weed Whacker Bike!!

About: Tsc stands for totallysupercreaitve. Please if you like what I make follow me! I like riding any thing with a engine or motor. I also like build weedeater bikes and chainsaw bikes also mini choppers. I ...

OK I made a weed whacker bike!! it has a 31cc engine it go around 15 mph! If you like what I build please subscribe to me!!! 



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    Is that safe? Will it blow up?

    would you be able to make it so it could detach itself from the motor and then you could use a killswitch and turn it off to go manual?

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    i made on it worked pretty well until it was time to start it it took about five minutes then when it cut off you had to get it started right off or repeat the warm up proccess it was neet ill post a picture later

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    Well I took off the engine and now I'm going to make it chain drive and I may post instructable on it!