Introduction: Simple Pen Taser ( Not a Real Taser, It Shocks Your Friends! )

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Not a real Taser but a prank taser!

I did this this instructable, named happy fun time shocker and got great succes from it, but the poster of the instructable did not have any pics with the result of the pen method, so i thought i would show my results. Basicaly it is a weak taser which is perfect just for having some fun with your friends, and actualy many find it to feel good, once you get use to it. I would indeed recomend it , just becuz its simple and fun. got any questions just ask!


-Pyroinventor- (author)2016-08-07

Nice instructable! If you want a stronger one, google "disposable camera taser" and you'll get a bunch of tutorials. It's really easy to make + it's free $_$

davidvarner101 (author)2015-09-24

What voltage is it

CheesyWalnut (author)2013-06-19

if you dont use the wire comeing from the copper cylinder on the piezoelectric ignigter it still works. so i put a nail in place of the pen tip and connected the other wore to it and it works and looks a like a real penm

miniclipper (author)2011-02-01

it is sshocking how well you mde it[ hahah pun =P]

johnzizzle (author)2009-05-19

thats very nice but how do you make it?

benduy (author)johnzizzle2010-11-17

he Should really use peizo electrics ( i think thats how its spelt)

click on the link, in the description

uguy (author)2008-12-24

so i thought i wood show my results. Basicaly it is a week taser
So, it is a taser made of wood that you can only use one a week?

no it is a little shocker thing, which looks somwat like a pen, and just gives a som wat week shock, u can use it as many times as u want

lol, a shock that lasts a week? "hey here's a pen! zzzzZzZZzzzzap two days later: why is there a corpse on the floor?

CapnTac (author)toogers2010-02-24

Made me chuckle to myself.

nice fun shocker-i made one with a bic pen, but i might be able to incorporate the clicky button of a clicky pen into a hidden design.... i have been experimenting with different spaces between the wires, and you have it pretty much right on for maximum shockage. good job.

Acer81996 (author)PyroManiac962009-04-11

just steal the circuit from a spare electric fly swatter

Acer81996 (author)Acer819962009-04-11

it does make a real mean sound when on

thx, i shood also say that u pyromaniac96, did show me how to make the basic version, for those other vieweres out there

WEAK!!! dude! check ur spelling!

oops wow im stupid yea weak*

DJBD (author)uguy2008-12-25

Lol, I think he means this:
so i thought i would show my results, basically it's a weak taser.

pls (author)uguy2008-12-25


but thx for the editing help, feel free to ask any other questions

hunter98 (author)2009-07-23

I can't believe you did that

chabs99 (author)2009-07-07

my bro came back from the Adelaide show once and he gave me this pen. i pressed the button and it zapped me.

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