Weekender Bag


Introduction: Weekender Bag

This over-sized and roomy felted tote is perfect catch-all for a weekend trip or day bag. Drawstring bag features grommets, ruffled finished top and a convenient over-the-shoulder straps. Bag is hand knitted with Lion Brand Wool and embellished with bits from the scrap box. As a novice knitter, this design was inspired by brilliant colors and very basic knitting know-how.



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    8 Discussions

    I want to make one for my girlfriend

    I love this bag too! I'm a free-form knitter and didn't work from a pattern....just made it up. One of these days, if i get enough interest, maybe I'll put a pattern together. I can tell you, that there's about $75 worth of yarn in that piece. It was absolutely enormous before it was felted. Was a nice wool project that kept my lap as warm as the vibrant color did. I've only done one pattern and kit so far....you can see that on my website. Check back often.

    Stay in touch!! -Tami

    you are extremely talented! I'm digging out wool yarn scraps to try this right now!!

    This is so adorable! I love the swirly bits, and the ruffled top edge.

    The color splash is this project's greatest asset, don't you think?