Weekly Make It Challenge: Chemical Reactions

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This Week's Challenge: Chemical Reactions!

So many brainy Instructables members; I must have learned something new from every one of these projects! Because we had over 25 entries I'm happy to award Runner Up prizes as, too!

1st Place
Electrolysis rust removal
by professor sparky


Runner Ups

Dual Fuel Furnace by spike3579


Plastic Milk by

How to Make a Tile Board by craftknowitall


All entries must be published and posted in the comments below posted by Midnight November 6th PST/ 8:00am November 7th GMT November 7th PST/ 8:00am November 8th GMT.

All entries will be exclusively judged by mikeasaurus based on successful completion, originality, and overall execution of the Instructable. Winners will be announced on or around November 10, 2011.

25 entries tier: Leatherman + 1 year Pro Membership + Instructables t-shirt + Sugru pack
50 entries tier: Handheld Video Inspection Camera + 1 year Pro Membership + Instructables t-shirt + Sugru pack
100 entry tier: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V + 1 year Pro Membership + Instructables t-shirt + Sugru pack


custom belt buckles style
Though they are sometimes hidden under shirts and sweaters, belts are an important part of everyday attire for most people. You might not think it but a belt can say a lot about a person's style, even...
Good Old Fashioned Baking Soda and Vinegar Bomb style
This is my first Instructable, and I'm making it for the Chemical Reaction Weekly Challenge. These bombs are fun and easy to make, and even funner to use. Also, I am not responsible if you blow it up...
How To Make Sopapillas From Scratch style
Sopapillas are a menu item in almost every New Mexican restaurant across the state. They are a fried bread usually a dessert smothered in honey and butter. They are also served as an entree stuffed wi...
Smoke Bomb style
In this instructable I will be showing how to make a smoke bomb. These are relatively easy and can take about 10-15 minutes to make depending on how fast you are. As for the chemical reactions that ...
Easy Dual Fuel Furnace Burner style
Want to melt metal? Yes? Want to melt metal for free with recycled oil? Hell yeah!! Here's an easy-to-make burner that can use either propane or oil (veggie or motor). It will heat a furnace up to a...
Great Chicken Stock style
Since we started raising meat chickens a couple years ago I've been roasting whole chickens on a regular basis. At first I was just throwing the leftover bones away but I quickly realized that I neede...
How to etch a circuit board. style
Ok,I am making this instructable to hopefully win the Epilog laser challenge, if I win I would use it to make my own PCB's and to tinker with. Ok,so making your own PCB's is not that hard actually,i...
Ghoulish Halloween Pot Luck style
Where I work we are always looking for an occasion to feast. Halloween offered a perfect opportunity to have a ghoulish, yet delicious pot luck lunch (I don't know why we never thought of this before)...
Mini Bacon Herb And Cream Cheese / Muffins style
Do you appreciate homemade muffins but don't have the extra time to make them from scratch? I have good news for you, this recipe will give you results that will make people think you have slaved in t...
Sweet, Mellow, Nutty,  Roasted Rosemary Garlic style
It was in the late 80's on a brisk fall day, just a week before Thanksgiving I was shopping for groceries. On the shelf were a small set of beautiful dishes that caught my attention. I stopped a minut...
real green eggs (and ham) style
Green eggs and ham; You may be able to have them in a box and with a fox, but can you make them at home? Yes, you can! With a clever bit of kitchen chemistry you can easily make your own green eggs, ...
Fried Green Tomatoes Sunshiine Style style
Our tomato garden this year was a miserable disappointment due to the extremely hot weather. My plants had plenty of blossoms but produced only a handful of tomatoes all summer long. The weather coole...
How to Make a Tile Board style
About 10 years ago I started working at a craft store. I love all the varied and many things I learned to do. That is where I got the nickname, "Craft Know It All." Some of the many things I know how ...
Breakfast Burritos style
These are some delicious breakfast burritos my mom has made for a long time. I decided to help her out and also learn how to do it myself while documenting it for all of you guys here on instructables...
Homemade Corn Taco Bowls (Appetizers) style
Homemade tacos are so much better when you make the shells yourself. You would be surprised at how easy they are to make. I live close to a Mexican store that makes them fresh daily. Most people here ...
Electrolysis rust removal - motorbike fuel tank style
So have you just found a layer of nasty rust on the inside of your fuel tank? well we may be able to help!! Electrolysis rust removal is easy but takes a some time. you need; -one 12v battery charger ...
How To Make A Buttermilk Substitute For Cooking style
I remember when I was a kid my mom used to drink a lot of buttermilk. She would make clabbered milk from raw milk. It was common for people in the south to drink it with pepper or eat it for breakfast...
Plastic Milk style
I was trying to find a recipe I could use to produce a chemical reaction for the Mad Scientist contest and the chemical reaction contest. I came across this one and thought is was interesting. For thi...
Solar Electrolytic Cell style
Hello, everyone! This is actually my first Instructable for the Chemical Reactions challenge, but I also want to help those looking for ways to use green energy or who are just looking for a fun proje...
Pumpkin Jello style
I wanted pumpkin jello, but all I could find were complicated mousses and crustless pies. So I smooshed up one of the mousse recipes (minus the eggs such) with a high-gelatin finger jello recipe, and ...
What does a used can of soup, old PC speaker, and propane equal ? A "Pyro Jam Can" of course! Inspired by a Rubens tube that I built the "Pyro Jam Can" is flame spitting candle that likes to jam to t...
The Spirit Lantern (Green Fire 2.0) style
Green fire is ubiquitous on the web, and making it is remarkably straightforward - provided you are not led astray, as I was, by ... let's call it poetic license. Now, after having had a rather disap...
How To Reduce Odors Without Using Harmful Chemicals style
I have used vinegar and baking soda to clean for a couple of years and have had great success using them. I wanted to share how you can reduce offensive odors in your home by using vinegar, baking sod...
Fireballs That You Can Hold style
In this instructable, I'm going to be showing you how to make fireballs that won't burn your hands while you hold them as long as you don't put your hands over the actual flames, just letting it roll...
Simple, Cheap, Electroplating style
I always have a few things on my lists of to-dos. I finally reached my Electroplating one and did a bit of research. I found that, not only does it take a lot of money, it also is fairly corrosive. So...
Colored Flames style
In this instructable i'll be showing you guys how to make multi-colored flames! The flames turn green, blue and purple! This is also great on a fireplace or campfire to bring out the true colors of ...