My 11 year old daughter wanted to be a Weeping Angel for Halloween.  What could be scarier?  I didn't want to have to do any sewing, and wanted it to be as cheap and easy as possible.  We weren't too concerned with absolute stone-like accuracy, more with BEING JUST AMAZINGLY FREAKINGLY TERRIFYING AND AWESOME COOL.

The costume had to be warm, because it often snows in Colorado on Halloween.  And we didn't want to have to paint too much of her body, because of the expense of the paint and because it gets itchy.

We started with a second hand choir robe as the base.  Angel wings and werewolf teeth from a costume shop.  Krylon "make it stone" paint in "black granite" (grey for the robe) and "obsidian" (black for the wings).

Step 1: Painting the Costume

I made a rough sash out of a piece of black satin fabric we had lying around.  Then we painted the robe and sash with the black granite "Make it Stone" spray paint. 
The costume is great, and the teeth just push it over into "HOLY SPJOT"
Looking good! You should put a picture of the final costume as the first picture so people can see what you've made right when they click.
Thanks for the suggestion! Will do!
my only qualms would be that the gloves make the hands look huge, but of course with the cold weather i totally appreciate why it had to be done, and of course painting the teeth, but i can see that being a lot of effort to find an apropriate piant and the wouldn't be worth it. good work
Painting the teeth was not really an option for us since they're inside a child's mouth. And making a grey dental piece would have kicked this right out of the &quot;quick and easy costume&quot; category! Daughter didn't mind the mismatched teeth, she reckoned she was well scary enough like this! <br> <br>And I don't think the gloves are what make her hands like huge, they're just thin knit cotton gloves. She just has really big hands for her size! :)

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