Weighted Companion Cube CAKE!!





Introduction: Weighted Companion Cube CAKE!!

As the girlfriend of a major computer/video game geek, and a fan of portal myself, I decided to make the dear boyfriend this weighted companion cube cake for his birthday.

Note: This cake can be made with very little experience with fondant. But, I couldn't find any other way to make it without fondant, so you gotta use fondant.

Think I've said fondant enough?


Step 1: Making the Base

I used 2 8-inch square cake pans, and betty crocker's yellow cake mix for this cake. Just cool them until they're completely room temperature ((any heat will melt the frosting))

Aqua's Frosting Recipe?
3 Cups powdered sugar
3 tablespoons of butter.
4-5 tablespoons of COLD milk.
Mix well, add more or less milk as need be!

Frost the top of both cakes, and layer them on top of each other. Pretty easy, right? I thought so too.

Then frost along the sides as well. All this frosting will help the fondant stay in place, as well as give it a more pleasant flavor.

It doesn't have to be perfect, as it wont be what is showing.

You can add colors and/or flavors to your frosting as well. For this cake I recommend pink, as it will probably save you a step or two later!

Be sure to save some of the frosting for later, you'll need it!

Step 2: Its Like Play-dough, But Better!

Add some black / Grey food coloring to about 1-1/4th pound of fondant, and knead until you get an even color all over. Be sure to use powdered sugar, or else you'll end up with a big sticky mess!!

Once you have it to the color you want, and its even all over, roll it out until its big enough to cover your cake all over, including the sides.

Step 3: Smooth...Smooth!!!

After you have it rolled out to a large enough square, roll it onto the rolling pin, this will make it easier to put on the cake without tearing it.

After rolling it over the cake, let it sit for a minute.

Then smooth it down over the cake, being careful not to squish it!!

get your hands wet, and use them to smooth down all of the wrinkles. This will give it a smoother finish. and will make it easier to attach your other parts.

After its all nice and smooth. use a VERY sharp knife ((anything duller than super-sharp will pull the fondant, and may tear it along the sides. You don't want that.)) to cut away the edges that remain along the bottom of the cake, you should end up looking something like mine.

Step 4: The Side-parts!

Take up some more of than fondant stuff, and work some more coloring into it ((less than the base, but still some, most fondant is blinding white before you add color.)) Make sure its an even color.

Roll it out. You want it thicker than the base fondant, but not too thick.

Cut out 4 corner pieces, and 4 side pieces.

Also, cut out a circle, the size the top of a standard drinking glass.

Step 5: Attaching Them

Wet down one side of the attachments, and put it down in its appropriate spot. Its not THAT hard to figure out which piece goes where and how, but still I have pictures.

I used milk, cause that is what I had on hand.

It turned out well for me.

If you accidentally tear the base (like I did), take a small amount of the piece you cut off earlier, wet one side of it, then carefully massage it into the base.

Step 6: Cutting Out the Dents

No companion cube would be complete without those pretty pink dents in each side.

So take some of the Frosting you have left from earlier, and mix it with red or neon pink food coloring to make the right color.

Put it in a sandwich baggie, and cut off the corner, and use that as a decorating tube, if you don't have one on hand.

Next, cut out a cross on the top, and small dents on each side. Then fill those dents with pink frosting.

Then place the circle you cut out earlier in the center!!

Step 7: Draw a Heart, and You're Done!

Just draw a heart, freehand, or use a stencil if you can't draw hearts...

And there you have it, a weighted companion cube cake!!

Which, btw, is a lie.

Feedback would be appreciated, as well as any ideas on how I can improve.



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    This was requested by my son, for his 15th Birthday. Thank-you so much for this instructable! (My first forage into making fondant was fairly successful)


    A Companion Cube cake a made for a friends birthday =)


    YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thank you so much for posting this. Will be baking for my husbands birthday in a week :)



    no one ever gets me because, bec-c-c-cause.........

    .....I'm different.

    please tell me we don't have to throw it in the incinerator!

    does an oven count as an incinerator?

    1. Dosent look like a cube
    2. this is a insult to the companion cube, you killed it.
    3. Nice cake :D i want sum

    but seriosly, your moking its death, the cake is a lie

    i know i've seen that cube somewhere before...

    Portal! (video game)