As the girlfriend of a major computer/video game geek, and a fan of portal myself, I decided to make the dear boyfriend this weighted companion cube cake for his birthday.

Note: This cake can be made with very little experience with fondant. But, I couldn't find any other way to make it without fondant, so you gotta use fondant.

Think I've said fondant enough?


Step 1: Making the Base

I used 2 8-inch square cake pans, and betty crocker's yellow cake mix for this cake. Just cool them until they're completely room temperature ((any heat will melt the frosting))

Aqua's Frosting Recipe?
3 Cups powdered sugar
3 tablespoons of butter.
4-5 tablespoons of COLD milk.
Mix well, add more or less milk as need be!

Frost the top of both cakes, and layer them on top of each other. Pretty easy, right? I thought so too.

Then frost along the sides as well. All this frosting will help the fondant stay in place, as well as give it a more pleasant flavor.

It doesn't have to be perfect, as it wont be what is showing.

You can add colors and/or flavors to your frosting as well. For this cake I recommend pink, as it will probably save you a step or two later!

Be sure to save some of the frosting for later, you'll need it!

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