Step 6: Edges and Corners of Your Cubecakes

To make the corners cut out 3 small triangles and pinch them into a tetrahedron(without a bottom) and stick it to the cube.  
Then add a small square of fondant in the between the corners.
Lastly make a small sphere and smush(very technical term) it to the face of the cube 

Repeat until all edges, corners, and faces have been done.
Hello!<br> <br> We LOVE these companion cube cupcakes!!<br> <br> In fact, we've included them in our post of incredible Sci-Fi Cupcakes - (<a href="http://surlygurls.net/2011/10/08/conspectus-sci-fi-cupcakes/">http://surlygurls.net/2011/10/08/conspectus-sci-fi-cupcakes</a>) - with a link back to this page. (<em>and the cake jokes!</em>)<br> <br> Thanks again for posting all these awesome photos of your incredible treats! <em>- SurlyGurls</em>
A Companion Cube cake a made for a friends birthday =)
You have done an excellent job, also ive never seen a cube cupcake pan :O
These are so cool! The time it would supposedly take would definitely be worth it. Great job!
The cake is a lie!<br>

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