Weighted Drinking Glasses - "Beerbells"





Introduction: Weighted Drinking Glasses - "Beerbells"

About: I like making things out of items that would have otherwise been discarded. Check out my other projects!

Many times people have joked about doing reps while drinking their favorite beverage.  I would like to make weighted drinking glasses.  Clearly, not a glass, duct tape and weights.  Something nice like stainless steel.  I think there is some validity to the novelty.  You really could get a little bit of a workout done while taking drinks.  Shapes like pint glasses, wine glasses, shooters and other glass styles.  Perhaps the bottom of some would be rounded so that the user had to hold it continually or balance it when set down.

Marketing and selling these would allow for me to work toward becoming an independent maker.  I like making things.  Handmade.  Unique.  But some of my ideas would work well for mass-production that could then be distributed to small businesses.  I feel strongly that independent businesses are a good match for independent makers!

Thank you to Pepper, Grant, leanne, and Becky for volunteering to be silly for this video!

A video like this wouldn't be complete without the outtakes!  



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