Welcome Sign From Reclaimed Lumber





Introduction: Welcome Sign From Reclaimed Lumber

We needed a welcome sign at the house to spruce things up a little bit. So, of coarse, can't do a run of the mill Hobby lobby rustic sign. But, they have some cool ideas. So I compromised and made one kind of like theirs. It's made mostly of reclaimed materials. Except some 1 1/4" roofing nails and trim nails. The reclaimed lumber is some yellow rough cut pine from pallets that is 1 1/4" X 3 1/4". And the trim is made from some 1 1/4" yellow pine that a rabbitted on the table saw and mitered on the chop saw.

Step 1: Pallet Wood

This pallet wood has been outside in the weather for a couple months. I thought it would look good without running through the planner and looking bright and clean. I actually used the 45 on one side and perpendicular on the other. originally 7" long.

Step 2: Lining Up the Wood

After cutting up the pieces, I layed some 1/2" plywood on top of, then nailed them up with 1 1/4" roofing nails.

Step 3: Vinyl Sign

I'm not much on free hand painting. So I cut out some vinyl and used it as a reverse template. Painted with white satin then removed the vinyl.

Step 4: Trim Trim Trim

This is just some spruce that is rabbitted and mitered for hiding the ugly edges.

Step 5: Paint and Finish

Couple shots of white satin and voila.



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    I can never not look at these welcome signs! I really like the design, I might make this is my pallet supply is good. Thanks for sharing!

    Looks great. Good idea on the stencils.

    I like it, Dale. Nice work!

    Love how it looks with the pattern you put the wood in :)