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Hello Everyone!

Each summer I take on a new project, and this year, it's designing my own paper craft models. I have been making papercraft models for about two years now, but I have never designed my own. However, after acquiring some knowledge about creating my own 3D Models and using Pepakura (and a little help from this by member: krummrey), I was able to design my first papercraft: an elephant head!

The elephant is a very elegant and majestic creature, despite of its massive size. This beautiful paper craft of the largest living land mammal is a great addition to anyone's room. The elephant is around 23 inches long from head to trunk (when printed on letter sized paper). However, if you would like to make your elephant bigger (or smaller), I have attached the original Pepakura file. To change the size, you'll have to install Pepakura. Then, open my file and go to:

2D Menu > Change Scale > Scale Factor... > and change the height to however long you want

From there, you'll have to re-position the parts to fit the pages.

But for those who don't want to change the size, download the attached PDF!

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CANNOT DOWNLOAD THE FILES: I recently launched my website, to the public. If for some reason you do not see the files on the Instructable, please visit my website and download the PDFs you need from there. The site may have some bugs, but I am working to fix them right now. I appreciate your understanding.

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beniman made it!8 days ago

Done one myself, fiberglassed et spray painted, looks great !

This is awesome! I'm making my own this weekend!
PatriciaB61 month ago

Há gostaria muito saber se você tem dinossauros .... obrigada mais uma vez.

aqui está uma cabeça de T-rex que acho que ficaria legal :D

Opa, Patricia. Talvez ele não tenha dinossauros, mas você mesma pode projetá-los usando este excelente tutorial:

adamwatters23 days ago

This is sweet! Love the website, too. Looking forward to seeing the shark!

Verticees (author)  adamwatters16 days ago

Thanks so much, I hope you will enjoy the shark when it comes out soon!

Verticees (author) 1 month ago

---PLEASE READ--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It has recently come to my attention that several members are not able to download the files necessary for making this model. Apparently, only Pro members are able to download files now. Whether this is true or not, I have just launched my website: If you are unable to view or download the attachments in this Instructable, please visit my website. It contains file downloads for all the PDFs I have released so far. The site is currently in a beta state, so some bugs may be present. If you find a bug, please contact me at If for some reason the website is down, please be patient because it means that it is being updated and improved. I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.



bazzzou1 month ago

Hello ! Sorry but I do not see your attached for this model ;) thanks

Verticees (author)  bazzzou1 month ago

I just launched my new website:

You can download the files from there!

LéoA21 month ago

Thanks for sharing your instructions ! I made one with several shades of blue. It was a gift for my brother. He loves it.

Verticees (author)  LéoA21 month ago

That produced an amazing effect! I'm so glad you tried that out!

PawełM1 month ago

Thanks for that! It's a AMAZING though it took me one week to make it:P it was a gift for my gf- she loved it!

Cheers from Poland

Verticees (author)  PawełM1 month ago

Looks fantastic!

FisheyLP1 month ago

FisheyLP1 month ago

Can you mail me the .pdo?

PatriciaB61 month ago

Olá adorei seus projetos sou do Brasil e sou sua mais nova fã....Obrigada!!!!

Moe Elefant1 month ago


i would love to make this as a gift for my girlfriend.

Can i get the PDF without being a paying member? :)

Thx ! :)

Verticees (author)  Moe Elefant1 month ago

This weekend i am going to email everyone the PDF who would like it. Please leave your email in a comment!

Me too thanks! It looks AMAZING!!

DedeM Verticees1 month ago

I also want it please, thkx :)

I would really like to try this, this is epic :D

email: - please! I have to try do this :)

I would love to try it out
my emai:

That would be awesome! thank you so much!

my email :

loplpower1 month ago


Can i get the PDF too without being a paying member ?

Thank you :)

Me gustaría armarlo.Por favor envíame, el archivo PDO o PDF. Gracias. Correo electrónico:

HenneE1 month ago

i would like to try this. Can you send me the PDF please. This would bei perfekt.

Pawelas1 month ago
I would to try this ! Can you send me PDF please ? Email:

I would really like to try this one!
Can you send me the PDF please?
my email:

Thank you!

CoCo-Loco1 month ago

I need this PDF too! Can you send it to me?

Thx Champ!

Verticees (author)  CoCo-Loco1 month ago

You can download the PDF on the introduction step!

But i think it is only posible for members to see the Download-Button. So i can't download without paying... or i'm wrong?

Verticees (author)  CoCo-Loco1 month ago

I have no idea, but please provide me with your email so I can send it to you!

now there is a button for the PDF.
Thx for ur work!

For any reason i cant find the download link to the PDF?

Can u either send it to my email or tell me exactly where in the intro i can find the PDF?

My Mail:

DGarcia952 months ago

Hi! Im From Colombia and i used this for a final exam, i wanna thank u cuz i have and A+


It looks amazing! I loved the background ;)

mike_strada made it!3 months ago

I just finished it and it is AWESOME! but I did it in a large size printing two pages of the model on one sheet with measures 50x65cm and this is the result

AdanF mike_strada2 months ago

Hi I am from Venezuela and I am a true lover of elephants and I wonder if you can send the file to the scale you used ... thank you very much

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