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Hello Everyone!

Each summer I take on a new project, and this year, it's designing my own paper craft models. I have been making papercraft models for about two years now, but I have never designed my own. However, after acquiring some knowledge about creating my own 3D Models and using Pepakura (and a little help from this by member: krummrey), I was able to design my first papercraft: an elephant head!

The elephant is a very elegant and majestic creature, despite of its massive size. This beautiful paper craft of the largest living land mammal is a great addition to anyone's room. The elephant is around 23 inches long from head to trunk (when printed on letter sized paper). However, if you would like to make your elephant bigger (or smaller), I have attached the original Pepakura file. To change the size, you'll have to install Pepakura. Then, open my file and go to:

2D Menu > Change Scale > Scale Factor... > and change the height to however long you want

From there, you'll have to re-position the parts to fit the pages.

But for those who don't want to change the size, download the attached PDF!

Note: Please do not distribute any of the attached files as your own. Thanks!

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FisheyLP7 days ago

FisheyLP7 days ago

Can you mail me the .pdo?

PatriciaB67 days ago

Há gostaria muito saber se você tem dinossauros .... obrigada mais uma vez.

PatriciaB67 days ago

Olá adorei seus projetos sou do Brasil e sou sua mais nova fã....Obrigada!!!!

Moe Elefant14 days ago


i would love to make this as a gift for my girlfriend.

Can i get the PDF without being a paying member? :)

Thx ! :)

Verticees (author)  Moe Elefant14 days ago

This weekend i am going to email everyone the PDF who would like it. Please leave your email in a comment!

Me too thanks! It looks AMAZING!!

DedeM Verticees12 days ago

I also want it please, thkx :)

I would really like to try this, this is epic :D

email: - please! I have to try do this :)

I would love to try it out
my emai:

That would be awesome! thank you so much!

my email :

loplpower10 days ago


Can i get the PDF too without being a paying member ?

Thank you :)

Me gustaría armarlo.Por favor envíame, el archivo PDO o PDF. Gracias. Correo electrónico:

HenneE12 days ago

i would like to try this. Can you send me the PDF please. This would bei perfekt.

Pawelas12 days ago
I would to try this ! Can you send me PDF please ? Email:

I would really like to try this one!
Can you send me the PDF please?
my email:

Thank you!

CoCo-Loco16 days ago

I need this PDF too! Can you send it to me?

Thx Champ!

Verticees (author)  CoCo-Loco16 days ago

You can download the PDF on the introduction step!

But i think it is only posible for members to see the Download-Button. So i can't download without paying... or i'm wrong?

Verticees (author)  CoCo-Loco15 days ago

I have no idea, but please provide me with your email so I can send it to you!

now there is a button for the PDF.
Thx for ur work!

For any reason i cant find the download link to the PDF?

Can u either send it to my email or tell me exactly where in the intro i can find the PDF?

My Mail:

DGarcia9526 days ago

Hi! Im From Colombia and i used this for a final exam, i wanna thank u cuz i have and A+


It looks amazing! I loved the background ;)

mike_strada made it!2 months ago

I just finished it and it is AWESOME! but I did it in a large size printing two pages of the model on one sheet with measures 50x65cm and this is the result


Hi I am from Venezuela and I am a true lover of elephants and I wonder if you can send the file to the scale you used ... thank you very much

HI! My name´s Diego, I´m a visual desing student and i have to make an elephant sculpture and what you did is just what i need.
I was asking if there´s any possibility of you to send me the model you used, if u can my mail is

I mailed you ;) hope it isn't late and still can help you
Have fun!

Verticees (author)  mike_strada2 months ago

That is so spectacular! I didn't expect anyone to make a bigger version of this, especially one that big! Where do you plan on keeping that?

I'm redesigning my bedroom and this looked such a very nice idea for it. I'm keeping it for now at my work where looks so gorgeous and it'll be like the cherry on the top of the cake when my bedroom it's finished. But first I have to look for something to get the model stronger 'cause the head it's a little weak as you can imagine about the size.

Verticees (author)  mike_strada2 months ago

That would be a fantastic addition to your room! As for the structural integrity, you can try filling it with builder's foam or something of the sort. Hope you can make it work!

I uploaded a video of the making of this model. I made it in stop motion I'll share it to you. Hope you like it ?
Verticees (author)  mikestrada1 month ago

Thats awesome! I'm really glad you made it!

I used builder's foam as you recommend to me, it becomes really stronger than it was before ;) thank you very much! it's finally done :D

AnjaH made it!1 month ago

This was so much fun. Thank you for sharing! Boyfriend and I made our pink elephant together. It's hanging on our living room wall looking majestic as hell! We used paper with metallic glow so polygons really pop out. Hope you like it.

Verticees (author)  AnjaH1 month ago

That looks very cool! Could you please tell me what that type of paper is called? It produced an impressive effect!

AnjaH Verticees1 month ago

It's 290g stardream paper. So glad you like it :D

victordoes2 months ago

... wow... lovely.. Would love to see a "moose edition"!

Verticees (author)  victordoes2 months ago

That's a good idea! I already have two other papercraft animals on the way, but a moose sure would be nice. However, I think a moose papercraft was already made by "krummery". Try checking it out!

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