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Hello Everyone!

Each summer I take on a new project, and this year, it's designing my own paper craft models. I have been making papercraft models for about two years now, but I have never designed my own. However, after acquiring some knowledge about creating my own 3D Models and using Pepakura (and a little help from this by member: krummrey), I was able to design my first papercraft: an elephant head!

The elephant is a very elegant and majestic creature, despite of its massive size. This beautiful paper craft of the largest living land mammal is a great addition to anyone's room. The elephant is around 23 inches long from head to trunk (when printed on letter sized paper). However, if you would like to make your elephant bigger (or smaller), I have attached the original Pepakura file. To change the size, you'll have to install Pepakura. Then, open my file and go to:

2D Menu > Change Scale > Scale Factor... > and change the height to however long you want

From there, you'll have to re-position the parts to fit the pages.

But for those who don't want to change the size, download the attached PDF!

Note: Please do not distribute any of the attached files as your own. Thanks!

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carlosmorasalguero made it!11 minutes ago

My girlfriend and I invested 5 afternoons in order to complete this project... we just loved it!

thanks for sharing the instructable.




Looks awesome!

krummrey made it!27 days ago

Makes a great mask too. :D

Raitis krummrey27 days ago

Now that's a well wrapped individual!

krummrey Raitis26 days ago

Thank God I wasn't in there at that time. ;)

Verticees (author)  krummrey26 days ago

Haha, that looks awesome! I'm so glad you made it!

joepgoossens made it!26 days ago

Thanks a lot for the instructable! Here's our elephant:

2014-08-24 14.28.55.jpg
Verticees (author)  joepgoossens26 days ago

Wow, that looks great! You did an amazingly precise job!

garvie1 month ago
krummrey1 month ago

Hey, The Elephant looks great. Feels so good to see other people picking up from my tutorial. :D

Verticees (author)  krummrey1 month ago

Thank you very much for both your comment and publishing your instructable on making faceted papercraft. Making my own papercraft had always been a dream of mine, and thanks to you, it finally became possible!

crafty_hxox made it!1 month ago

Mine is red. But breathtaking! Thanks for the instructions :)


How do I hang this though?

Verticees (author)  crafty_hxox1 month ago

Well first, WOW! That looks spectacular! And for hanging, I glued a sawtooth hanger that is used for picture frames to the back of the elephant. Then, I nailed a normal picture frame hook to the wall, and mounted the sawtooth hanger to that. I hope that helps!

Mschreib131 month ago

To aid in making the folds try laying the ruler/straight-edge on the line and folding this will usually avoid wrinkling the paper.

I use a crochet hook as my scoring tool because of its smooth edge which won't tear the paper.

I've almost got the left ear done.

Verticees (author)  Mschreib131 month ago

That's a good tip! Thanks for commenting that!

super cool! would love a wall lamp like that! =)

Verticees (author)  blissful20151 month ago


general-pc made it!1 month ago

Just finished mine, I add a trophy plaque :)

Verticees (author)  general-pc1 month ago

That looks fantastic! Thanks so much for showing us!

Teachable1 month ago

That's really cool.

Verticees (author)  Teachable1 month ago

Thank you very much! Let me know if you make it!

张米张1 month ago
好棒 好棒 好棒
Verticees (author)  张米张1 month ago


Nacho Drew1 month ago
Thanks everyone that's posted great info, I'm using everything I've learned on my next project
Mschreib131 month ago

All printed and ready for cutting, folding and gluing. After doing a bunch of Disney structures I like doing the scoring before cutting especially the small parts. They are easier to handle that way. I am using 110# card stock.

Verticees (author)  Mschreib131 month ago

That's an interesting idea, I'll try that on the next papercraft I make. Thanks! Also, please post a picture of your finished elephant, as I'd love to see how it turned out!

imkiller made it!1 month ago

Wow!! It was very exciting..

I try to do it. but used paper 80 gsm. it is not strong.

Thank you for exciting work. ^^

Verticees (author)  imkiller1 month ago

Wow, that actually looks pretty good! There's no way I could have completed the model with the type of paper you used. You obviously have a talent for this, so I recommend that you pick up some stronger paper and make it again. It'll turn out awesome!

Nacho Drew2 months ago
There are few people that can make as clean of folds as the ones seen here, fantastic job

If you do a partial score - so don't go all the way through the paper - your folds will be as perfect as these every time :)

Verticees (author)  Nacho Drew2 months ago

Thanks for your kind comment! I've been doing origami and papercraft since I was nine, so I've had plenty of time to practice folding!

Tory Weiser1 month ago

I have a question. When you score all the printed lines, do you score them all on the same side, or one side for the valley folds and the other side for the mountain folds?

Verticees (author)  Tory Weiser1 month ago

When you score the lines, score all the lines on the side where the lines are printed onto the paper. Everything's on the same side! Thanks for your comment!

pyogazel1 month ago


Verticees (author)  pyogazel1 month ago


gmssb1 month ago

Amazing! you get a tiger or a lion?!

Verticees (author)  gmssb1 month ago

Those are a little harder, but I'll probably be making those too!

Eh Lie Us!1 month ago

Awesome and no elephants were hurt in the process. Double win!

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