Step 3: Typing it all in

Picture of Typing it all in
Ok, so now you have Command Prompt open, it is now time to type in what we want.

To clear the Microsoft Windows Copyright above the C:\Documents and Settings, just type in "cls"

  • cls means to clear screen.

So now, you should be left with C:\Documents and Settings\(Name of User>_

Next, type in the word "prompt".

After prompt, put a space, and start to type Welcome to the Matrix. To make sure the the saying is not overlapping to the next line, you have to type:

  • Welcome to the Matrix Welcome to the Matrix Welcome to the Matrix Welcome to the

As you can see, I did not add Matrix to the last phrase. I did this because it keeps it from running onto the next line.

Type it as you see it above.

Once you type it all in, press Enter. And move on to the next step.

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