Step 3: Weld the Spoons

Next, we'll be welding the spoons together to create the petals. This process is designed to be arc welder friendly, but if you used a different process (MIG, TIG, etc.), you could weld the spoons directly into the ladle.

Take two of the spoons, and butt their cut ends together. Using clamps, or something heavy, fix the spoons in place. Weld the pair together. Repeat this for all the spoons, forming four welding pairs.

Next, using the same fixturing method, weld each pair together in the center. Weld each pair on individually, arranging them evenly to create the flower petals.
<p>i love these flowers, can you solder instead of welding?</p>
<p>I used a combination of forks and spoons to make a lotus-style flower for my garden! :)</p>
<p>Wow! It's like a Lotus. :) </p>
<p>Beautiful spoon flower! Thank you for sharing. :) </p><p>Greetings from Helsinki Finland</p>
I was unaware stainless could be welded by anything but stainless rod, will a steel wired mig weld stainless also?
I just made one of these.. i had problems welding the spoons together and only ended up with 4 petals. I used the handles from the spoons as the leaves.. Thanks for the idea..
cool :3 <br>clever gift too :)
Just added this project to my favorites. Learning to weld is on my &quot;LIST&quot;
This makes me want to learn how to weld.
so I tried the lowest setting on my wire feed welder and just a tack weld and keep melting my spoons. any Ideas I also tried JB weld and came apart in the heat <br />
Dude, I made one of these years ago except I flattened out my spoons. I also made a humming bird,butterfly and a stork (scissors for the beak).
&nbsp;so beautiful! great job :)
I would love to see one that spins in the wind! Very NICE! I wish I could weld~
Youre right,one could put a slight angle on the spoons and put a bolt through the middle and have spinning spoons.
Bravo, I may just make this tomorrow with another 'layer' of spoons!
well done!! check out this cool site <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://my.opera.com/dantesoft/albums/showpic.dml?album=43454&amp;picture=507001">http://my.opera.com/dantesoft/albums/showpic.dml?album=43454&amp;picture=507001</a><br/>
Great project! I'd love to see this as a wind-driven decoration.
really neat project but what caught my eye was the welder, can you do an instruct on it or at least some photos and explanations?
Nice project and great instructable. Instead of forks for leaves, you could try curling and welding on the other half of a few of the spoons.
Just make sure it doesn't collect water that could serve as a hatching place for mosquitoes.
Nice looking project but you may want to consider different materials or a different method of attachment. Welding stainless steel produces hexavalent chromium vapors. Even if you're welding outside, you'll be breathing in hexavalent chromium and getting covered in it.<br/><br/>See Wikepedia <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexavalent_chromium">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexavalent_chromium</a> and read the section on Toxicity.<br/>
While hexavalent chromium is a danger while welding stainless, your exposure welding a couple of these would be miniscule- assuming proper ventilation. Should you decide to go into the &quot;flatware-flower&quot; industry on your own, that's a different story. That said, good point, and a mask or basic respirator would be a good equipment choice for this project.<br/><br/>Here's an interesting bit on OSHA limits and protection methods for higher volume industry:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ewi.org/pdf/company/news/Hexavalent%20Fumes.pdf">http://www.ewi.org/pdf/company/news/Hexavalent%20Fumes.pdf</a><br/><br/>
Was that the booth with the eagle made of silverware, and the dragonflies and such with cheese grater wings? I always thought that guy had some impressive talent - I could barely lift one of his statues a few years back - a full-sized heron of all kinds of cutlery. I've wanted to play around with this stuff for years, but have yet to get a welding rig...no room to work. Nice 'ible though.
Could be, but I didn't see anything other than variations on this flower. Might be someone else. You've given me some ideas though!
That came out looking nice. Well done.
Wow! I love this project. I haven't welded since highschool and I probably won't do this but it looks gorgeous!!!

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