Step 3: Weld the Spoons

Picture of Weld the Spoons
Next, we'll be welding the spoons together to create the petals. This process is designed to be arc welder friendly, but if you used a different process (MIG, TIG, etc.), you could weld the spoons directly into the ladle.

Take two of the spoons, and butt their cut ends together. Using clamps, or something heavy, fix the spoons in place. Weld the pair together. Repeat this for all the spoons, forming four welding pairs.

Next, using the same fixturing method, weld each pair together in the center. Weld each pair on individually, arranging them evenly to create the flower petals.
so I tried the lowest setting on my wire feed welder and just a tack weld and keep melting my spoons. any Ideas I also tried JB weld and came apart in the heat