Picture of Cheap Welding for Punks
Cheap homemade welders compared: AC stick, DC stick, DC spoolgun. Oxyfuel discussion.

Welding is usually the easiest and quickest way to build something.
You just put the parts next to each other and weld them.
You don't have to drill bolt holes and go to the hardware store for bolts.
Metal doesn't split like wood. It doesn't have grain and knots that make every piece different.
You can get all kinds of scrap metal for free. Bed frames, parts of old cars, etc etc.
And you can make your own welder for free or close to it.

Don't have access to a welder? LIAR!! All it takes is some junk car batteries and a welding rod.
Or some dead microwave ovens to butcher for the transformers.
Make your own industrial revolution!

Make these welders yourself!
AC stick welder,
DC stick welding with car batteries
wirefeed spoolgun with car batteries
Solar powered battery welder

This instructable is my "table of contents" for welding projects. When I do more projects I'll add more steps here to link to them.
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Step 1: Welding With Books!

Picture of Welding With Books!
The most important welding tool is... INFORMATION.
Whenever I screw up a weld, I go look up how I should have done it. Sure enough, there's a proper polarity, current, feed rate, shielding gas/flow rate, flux etc for the weld. I do it that way, and suddenly I'm a great welder.

No matter how many welding books I get, I need them all. There's some kind of Japanese-style collusion between publishers to distribute the information between all the books. None of them have all the information you need. Every book will add a lot of information the others don't have. They also tend to devote a lot of space to info you'll never need, like how to weld train tracks using an automated submerged-arc machine.

The Miller online welding calculators are really good, especially for something like TIG that has 5 or 6 different parameters.
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GeoNOregon26 days ago

Hi Tim,

Above, you said, "Get the free manual for gas cutting/welding from the welding supply shop." Did you mean that as, ' get a free manual from a shop', or were you talking about a particular manual you've mentioned elsewhere?


@ others buying used gas welding gear: I'm all for buying used & saving money on tools, but PLEASE be cautious. I've been gas welding for 45+ yrs, my first welding lesson was from Mom, (I was about 9-10 when I heard it told.)

Her & my aunt went to Texas during WWII & learned to weld, making boxcars. One day, in the adjoining shop, there was an explosion. She went to see what happened & got 2-3 steps into the shop before turning back due to smoke & fumes. She put her hand on the door to push it open & felt something wet & soft.

When she looked, it was brain tissue of one of the workers from the adjoining shop.

Acetylene is unstable, that's why tanks and gas are expensive. Gauges/regulators/torches are precision, delicate instruments. Combine oxygen & acetylene in an enclosed space & you have a bomb.

Gauges/regulators/torches can be tested with compressed air & soapy water for leaks. Either figure out how to do it, or pay someone. Also, don't use cracked hoses or hoses with hose clamps or twisted wire for a clamp; hose ends should be crimped.

Your life is worth more than the few bucks you might save.


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