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Introduction: Welding Cart

About: They Call me Wallace.

Hi This is my DIY Welding Cart

Since I love wood I decided to make it using wood

Step 1: Materials

Well. You guess it. Wood
I made two identical bases. 10"x19"
And 4 Pcs 19" tall then I placed one base on the bottom and one on top

On the bottom of base one pcs of wood going across on the R side and two on the left one on top of each other

And casters on each side

Step 2: Done

Paint it. And have fun. Now go and make something.

Step 3: Gun Holder

I made a gun holder so the cable it's not hanging. Looks good



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    Wood welding cart is very safe from an electrical accident. Economical too.

    Absolutely no reason why a welding cart can't/ shouldn't be made of wood. Some metalworkers are aghast at such a notion, but in practice it is sound. Nice work!

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    thanks for your comment and yes my work shop is just a small man cave

    its not a commercial one. that is why i made my welding cart out of wood…..