Picture of Welding Fume Hood Extractor
Things you'll need:
1. air handler
2. mini fridge
3. 4" pvc pipe
4. Drainage hose
5. Power switch

Step 1: Air Handler Disassembly

Picture of Air Handler Disassembly
13, 8:56 AM.jpg
Remove the blower motor and electrical components that you'll need to make the fan run. Discard the heat pump element or save it for another project.
R-710 (author) 1 year ago
A canopy and filter can attached to the suction hose. This is a basic design to evacuate smoke from a confined work space. I put it in a box because it needed to be portable.
Mmmm why put this in a box? You need a canopy or hood to catchthe fumes and then a away of filtering them before they get released into the atmosphere.