Picture of Welding Fume Hood Extractor
Things you'll need:
1. air handler
2. mini fridge
3. 4" pvc pipe
4. Drainage hose
5. Power switch
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Step 1: Air Handler Disassembly

Picture of Air Handler Disassembly
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Remove the blower motor and electrical components that you'll need to make the fan run. Discard the heat pump element or save it for another project.

Step 2: Mini Fridge Prep

Picture of Mini Fridge Prep
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13, 8:56 AM.jpg
13, 8:56 AM.jpg
The minifridge I used had already been stripped of its compressor so all I had to do was remove the coil and interior components.
*DO NOT vent refrigerant into the atmosphere.
It's hazardous to your health and if a line busts you will get hurt!

Step 3: Assembling The New Unit

Picture of Assembling The New Unit
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Place the blower motor inside the fridge as close as you can to the top. It wasn't a perfect fit, so using I cut out sections of the plastic interior lining until the blower was flush to the back of the fridge. Mark the mounting holes and pull the blower motor out. Drill the holes all the way through the back of the fridge. Line up the blower motor and bolt it down using large washers or metal straps on the back side of the fridge.

Step 4: Cutting Ports

Picture of Cutting Ports
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Using an adjustable hole saw, cut a hole on top of the fridge to make an inlet port. Make sure the 4" pvc pipe fits snug and glue it down. Using a utility knife, cut a small section out of the back of the fridge to expose the blower outlet.

Step 5: Installing Electrical Components

Picture of Installing Electrical Components
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Fit all the electrical components inside the fridge, screw them down and install the power switch. Wiring schematics vary, so I won't go into detail but you can follow the schematics on the blower motor.
Attach the drainage hose to the inlet pipe and you're done!
R-710 (author) 1 year ago
A canopy and filter can attached to the suction hose. This is a basic design to evacuate smoke from a confined work space. I put it in a box because it needed to be portable.
Mmmm why put this in a box? You need a canopy or hood to catchthe fumes and then a away of filtering them before they get released into the atmosphere.