I recently purchased a MIG/wire feed welder and realized I need a cart in order to easily move the thing around. It is portable, with a handle on top, but it does weigh a good amount. In addition to the weight of the unit, I also have the optional gas cylinder for MIG welding. This is the small size tank, but still weighs enough to make moving it around a pain.

Originally, I was planning on using an old shopping cart. I figured the two straight wheels in the back and the two pivoting wheels in the front would provide the most ease of movement in/out of and around my garage/driveway shop areas.

Then it struck me, I was about to toss out an old gas grill that had completely rusted out when I noticed the similar wheel configuration (that's why I don't throw away anything until it is really trash). Also, I often see old gas grills sitting in other people's trash, so they are pretty easy to come by if you need one for this or another project.

Step 1: Strip Down Grill and Fit Lower Shelf

What I needed was the bottom shelf with attached wheels and the upright corner posts.
I removed the entire top portion of the grill which left me with exactly those items.

The metal bottom shelf has a large hole to fit the bottom of the propane tank. This hole need to be covered up to make the bottom shelf usable for storage and prevent the new welding gas tank from falling through.

A 1/2" thick piece of scrap plywood was fit over the bottom shelf to cover the large hole. A smaller hole (6" diameter for the 7 1/4" diameter tank) was cut in the plywood to rest the (rounded) bottom of the welding gas tank into.

I think the best way to try out my new welder is to weld a cart. :-D
You may be correct.<br>However, this is what I had in the pile and I didn't have weldable steel, so the best way may be to use what you can most quickly and cost-effectively use.
i need a welding cart badly and i way too cheap to shell out 40 or 50 bucks on one so i made one out of bed frame and ply wood for free still need to put wheels on it lol its not finished completely
Great idea. I've been wanting to make a cart for my mig machine, and I have an old grill needing a new life. Thanks for the inspiration.

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