Introduction: Weller Baterry Powered Soldering Iron

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I have this battery powered soldering iron from Canadian tire made by Weller and the power switch is the type where u have to hold, on top of that if u don't hold it in the exact right position it wont stay on. This is really annoying so I did something about it. I am not responsible for any harm you cause to yourself, others or any damage you cause while attempting this instructable.

Step 1: Materials

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-Soldering iron
-Wire strippers

Step 2: Dissasemble

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So start by removing all the screws, there are three check under the sticker that's where two of them are.

Step 3: Switch

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Now remove the little black part of the button with a knife simply cut it off and it will pop out then make the hole in the red part big enough to accommodate you're new switch in my case a toggle switch.

Step 4: Wire in New Switch

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Now solder wires to the old battery leads going to you're new switch.

Step 5: Close It Up

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Close it up and you're done go test out you're new less annoying battery powered soldering iron.


Dingleburg96 (author)2016-03-13

This may be a dumb question cause idk where to ask it appropriately. Does anyone have a butane weller solder pen ? I have one but it has a major gas leak and the piezo doesn't work. Trying to see if i can fix it myself before i give up on it entirely

turbiny (author)2015-03-26

nice fix for the problem but never leave it with batteries in its way to easy turn it on accidently while moving it around.

Adam Manick (author)2012-04-13

Cool project! Check out my Instructable on how to build a 15 watt equivalent battery powered iron from scratch!

mdog93 (author)2011-07-26

I have something similar to this, but a different brand and I find it's useless after five minutes ause the batteries can't heat it up enough to melt the solder. ow does yours work?

chris.t.r (author)mdog932011-07-26

Mine has the same problem it works fine when I just put in the batteries but it fades really quick so I find what helps is assist the tip with heating up with a lighter or candle or something but ya I plan to soon make it wired because the batteries die really quick.

mdog93 (author)chris.t.r2011-07-27

ok, i might try the lighter thing

chris.t.r (author)mdog932011-07-28

I also just modified mine to work with a power plug because you're last comment made me curious so i checked my drawers and I had a perfect 4.5v plug from a old disc man lying around I'm going to post the instructable as soon as I can.

mdog93 (author)chris.t.r2011-07-29

ok, did you make it so you could use the power plug and batteries?

chris.t.r (author)mdog932011-07-31

no I did not and the reason being is because I mostly like it because it heats up quickly and is good for small jobs but ya i didn't keep the batterys as an option because you can get like max two good solderings in with a new set of batterys which is quite ridiculous.

chris.t.r (author)mdog932011-07-28

It works much better now with the plug :-)

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