Welrod MKII V. 2.5 (Build)




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Introduction: Welrod MKII V. 2.5 (Build)

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Hey guys. This is the instructable on how to build my Welrod MKII Version 2.5. It only requires 2 broken rods, and is quite accurate and powerful. If you want all the stats, look here. Now, lets get to building. =D

Step 1: Main Body and Internals

Just follow the pics and the image-notes. The image-notes are key, as they will tell you what to do when...

Step 2: Handle

If you need any help with this step, just ask. =D But, I would suggest making this handle the way YOU want it. Don't make it for looks, make YOURS for comfort.

Step 3: Take a Break!

If you are finding this instructable tedious, go ahead and take a cookie break. =D I LOVE COOKIES.

Step 4: Add the Left Side and the Rubber-bands

Just do as the pics show. Look at the next step...!


Now, just go play with it! Chuck Norris approves! XD



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    Mine's done. Thinking twice about reviewing it though I did enjoy it playing around with it. I guess i didn't realize how thin this thing is until you are actually holding it. It makes since though, it's made for conceal and carry. My only criticism is that I kinda agree with the AwesomestDude..... and like him I don't know how to fix it.

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    Forgot I was gonna make one a these halfway done with my pump action gun so I'm not gonna stop now, but I will make one of these soon.

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    Watch out this this ones a bad boy 11 layers thick and removable mag 3 bullets at a time

    not quite completed yet but I think im gonna save this for the contest. possibly we'll see

    Of course. Too bad it's not round, but realise that would be almost impossible.

    You could try an all-snowflake barrel :D but it will deteriorate the looks and the barrel could only be as long as the longest rod. I have no idea how to make it round any other way...

    *Sigh* should have seen that one coming :D

    Yeah, I didn't made it though, just explained it