Picture of Welsh Cakes - easy and delicious recipe
Welsh cakes - "picau ar y maen" in welsh translates roughly to griddle cakes, traditionally cooked on the hot plate of a coal oven but nowadays cooked on a griddle or even a non stick frying pan if you dont have a griddle.

They are a traditional, delicious, moreish and easy welsh treat, and take my advice always make more than you think you'l need, as these get eaten fast!
This recipe will make about 20 but thats only enough if its just you eating them, they are too tasty just to eat one.
Overall it will take you about 20 minutes to make, and its very easy.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
you'l need the following -
-  225g / 8oz         -        self raising flour
- 80g / 3oz             -        sugar (any type, i used demerara, gives them that browner caramel colour)
-                              -        handful of sultanas
-      1                     -         beaten egg
- 110g / 4oz           -        salted butter (welsh if you can)
-                              -        sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg
-                              -        Milk if needed

Step 2: Method - Making the dough

Picture of Method - Making the dough
Mix the dried ingredients (flour, sugar and spices) together in a large bowl or a food processor, (i went for the food processor method as its quicker and less hassle,)
cut the butter up into small peices and mix it into the dried mixture until it becomes crumbly, then beat an egg and add with the  sultana's mixing until you form a dough, if it seems a bit dry add a bit of milk.

start heating the griddle or frying pan on a medium heat, and melt a bit of butter on it.